Ring the Bell

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ID 924
Cost 9
Base HP 320
Max HP 1,200
Base ATK 250
Max ATK 750


Increase NP Gain by 15%.
Increase NP Strength by 10%.
Increase Critical Strength by 10%.

Increase Mucho Dumbbell drops by 1.
[Christmas 2020 only]

Limit Break

Increase NP Gain by 20%.
Increase NP Strength by 15%.
Increase Critical Strength by 15%.

Increase Mucho Dumbbell drops by 2.
[Christmas 2020 only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Shirabi

A particularly large tree shines brightly during the holiest of nights. Lovely Valkyries, who may be mistaken as messengers from heaven, surround it. Everything is prepared, from noisemakers to presents!

"Yes, the preparation of the gifts is complete."
"Let's have some fun! Happy Merry Christmas!"
"This may be a foreign celebration to us, but I will allow it. The Allfather's Tree is here, so let's offer our blessings and protections to all, spreading far and wide."