Together Tomorrow

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ID 1210
Cost 9
Base HP 320
Max HP 1,200
Base ATK 200
Max ATK 750


Gain 2 Critical Stars every turn.
Increase NP Strength by 10%.

[This Craft Essence is locked and will be added to the summoning pool upon the completion of Lostbelt 5.2 - Olympus. Players will get a copy for free upon clearing the chapter.]

Limit Break

Gain 3 Critical Stars every turn.
Increase NP Strength by 15%.

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Oyo

"Oh, I have a great idea! It's a superb idea with no strings attached whatsoever!
If Operation God Destroyer goes as planned and we all come out unscathed, let's hold a banquet, with plenty of delicious food!"

While victory was achieved, the promise could not be fulfilled.
This is a record of the past.
Dazzling memories that remain within your heart.
And yet, if such a future was possible, you humans would surely look at this scene and use it as your strength to rise up.

Just like a certain "ordinary" Master who managed to achieve so many impossible things...
...As he rests inside a coffin of uncertainty and the void.