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Check out our Reroll Guide for a more detailed description on the process of rerolling!

For more on all Servant's Tier placements (outside of those available in the Tutorial Roll), check out the General Servant Tier List


If no Quartz Campaigns are active, then only a Tutorial Roll and a Single Roll (3x Saint Quartz) are possible after completing the tutorial.

The Tutorial Roll CANNOT give any 5* (SSR) Servants!

However, one of the below 4* (SR) Servants are guaranteed.

Possible Tutorial Roll Servants

Category Servants
Powerful Starts
Decent Performance / Useful Niches
Least Powerful, but still nice Servants

A more in-depth description of the available Tutorial Starter Servants can be found below. Additionally, explanations of why Servants are placed in their respective categories are given. A discussion of how useful the Servant is early-game and whether they remain useful late-game is included.

Reroll Tier List: Tutorial Roll Servants

Tier 1: Powerful Starts

Simple to use and hard-hitting, the Greek hero Heracles is a one-size-fits-all brawler. His Berserker class allows him to deal extra damage to all classes, and his survival options will provide a bit of extra stability in quests. He remains useful over the long term, with his Bond Craft Essence (obtained at Bond Lv10) making him one of the best Last Stand Servants in the roster, performing above even SSR Servants in the role.

Carmilla is a powerful single target Assassin. Given many of the early difficult enemies are Rider class (particularly in the Orleans Singularity), which are weak to Assassins, Carmilla provides beginners with a strong Servant with class advantage that can carry players through early content. Even in late game content, Carmilla’s specialty in dealing bonus damage to female enemies will often come in handy.

Our hero of justice can clear out waves with ease using his Noble Phantasm, allowing Masters to farm much needed EXP early game. His skill kit is also straightforward, consisting only of self-buffs. Upon raising his Ascension and Bond Level, EMIYA also gains access to multiple Rank Up quests that greatly improve his performance. These upgrades make EMIYA viable for late content, increasing his long term value in the roster.

Tier 2: Decent Performance / Useful Niches

A useful early game healer with an AoE damage-dealing Noble Phantasm, Saint Martha’s decent NP Gain and card set make her relatively straightforward for beginners to use. Saint Martha also gains value as players advance through content, as her full party debuff clear comes in handy in quests where debilitating debuffs are cast upon the party. Unlocking her Rank Up quests by Ascension will provide skill upgrades that make her a valuable enemy buff remover in challenging content as well.

An AoE damage-dealing Lancer Servant, Elisabeth Bathory is useful for beginners for her decent wave-clearing ability and her party support capabilities. She manages to remain relevant in difficult content with her support, particularly gaining an extra bonus Attack buff for female allies after her Rank Up quest.

Chevalier d’Eon is a specialized tank / taunt Servant, and one of the few that has access to a move that nullifies damage (Evade) as well as being able to taunt enemies (Target Focus) to attack themselves. Although Chevalier may be slightly less straightforward to use, and their debuff-focused Noble Phantasm may seem less desirable at first glance, access to a taunt Servant such as Chevalier will be useful in the long run, as well as in early content.

Being a Berserker class Servant, Tamamo Cat deals bonus damage to nearly all classes. She also has an AoE Noble Phantasm, which makes her a very decent wave clearing / farming Servant. This is particularly useful for EXP farming that is needed for beginners. Although her Noble Phantasm has the demerit of stunning her for an extra turn after use, she later receives a Rank Up Quest that will provide one of her skills with Debuff Immunity, which will nullify the Stun effect, providing some long term value to Masters who roll her.

Tier 3: Least Powerful, but still nice Servants

Siegfried’s niche lies in dragon slaying. When placed against enemies with the Dragon trait, he can be devastating, wielding multiple abilities that boost his damage against them. However, outside of enemies with the Dragon trait, his low attack stat and AoE Noble Phantasm spreading damage across targets hurts his overall performance, making him more difficult to use for beginners who might need a Servant that covers multiple niches when their roster is still small. Siegfried does receive enhancements to his damage through a Rank Up quest and Noble Phantasm upgrade, although late-game he still remains specialized in the relatively rare Dragon slaying niche. He does have tantalizing synergy when combined with the 2* Servant, Georgios (easily available F2P), who can apply the Dragon Trait to any enemy (albeit one target at a time).

The Queen of France ranks as one of the highest when it comes to staying power among the tutorial Servant cast, with a 3-hit Invincibility skill that will last indefinitely until all three hits are consumed. However, her low damage can make early content slow. With her low attack stat, she can have trouble bringing enemies down despite having a damage-dealing (AoE) Noble Phantasm, which also suffers damage-wise from her low attack. She is still capable of clearing beginner content, but it may take a little bit longer if she is the primary damage dealer, hence her placement in this category.

A highly specialized anti-Male stalling Servant, Stheno may not see much use of her niche early game. Most of early game consists of attempting to kill enemies ASAP rather than stalling. Even so, her Assassin class makes her useful for some of the early quests that are riddled with Rider enemies. In later content, Stheno is a powerful support for Divine trait Servants after her Rank Up quest, and is also an extremely potent staller and is pivotal in some charmlock Servant setups, particularly when used with her sister, Euryale (who is a 3* Servant and can easily be accessed F2P). She has long term use but limited beginner use.