FGO US Tour Kickoff Introduction

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Hey Everyone, Dimmet here!

FGO Tour's first stop in Sunny Los Angeles was nearly one two ... many weeks ago!

We were super excited for an opportunity to attend the event and even get a few interviews in duri...

I mean, our special guests were able to fill in for our absence!

Seriously though, we were in a big bind and had nobody to turn to for coverage of such a huge event - so when we chat about it a bit, I was stoked to see she was ready to assist the FGO scene again!

Osaka Graveweaver

Welcome, Graveweaver!

For those who aren't familiar with her, she was a bit of a star on the Grand Order Subreddit, with her Fate Daily Order comic series and activity at conventions. As of late, she's been super busy with her new webcomic and had taken a hiatus from r/GrandOrder to focus her efforts! So her taking the time to make this trip really meant a lot to us here at GamePress!

Take it away Graveweaver!

graveweaver intro

Over the two day event, both Graveweaver and Ru were able to attend the FGO US Tour in our place, so a huge shout out and thanks to them! Grave even had an opportunity to conduct a couple interviews with Shiokawa-san and Albert!

Without any further adieu, enjoy the rest of our coverage!

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