Altria Pendragon

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Lawful Good
Max HP 15,150
HP Rank
Max ATK 11,221
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,734Base HP2,222
Max Atk 11,221 Max HP 15,150
Lvl 100 Atk 12,283 Lvl 100 HP 16,597
Lvl 120 Atk 14,418 Lvl 120 HP 19,506
NP per Hit (%) 0.86%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 102
Star Generation per Hit 10.0%

Table of Contents

Servant Skills

Charisma B

Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns).

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Attack + 9%9.9%10.8%11.7%12.6%13.5%14.4%15.3%16.2%18%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Available from the start

Mana Burst A

Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).

Show Info
Buster + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

Dragon's Core B

Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).
Increase own NP Strength (1 turn).
Change all of own Command Cards to [Buster] Cards (1 turn).

Show Info
Buster + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
NP Damage + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Upgrades via Rank Up 2 (Available 7/8/2022)

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension

Shining Path EX

Increase own NP Gauge.
Gain Critical Stars.

Show Info
NP + 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
Stars + 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Upgrades after 1st Rank Up Quest

Append Skills

Anti-Rider (ATK Up)

Deal extra Special ATK damage to [Rider] class enemies.

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Special ATK +20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%

Class Skills

Magic Resistance A

Increase your Debuff Resist by 20%.

Riding B

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 8%.

Noble Phantasm

Excalibur A

Deals damage to all enemies.


Charges own NP gauge.

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Sword of Promised Victory

Rank Classification Hit-Count
A Anti-Fortress 1

Deals damage to all enemies.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
300% 400% 450% 475% 500%
Overcharge Effect

Charges own NP gauge.

Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
20% 27.5% 35% 42.5% 50%
Excalibur (Upgrade 1) A ++

Upgrades via Interlude 2.

Deals damage to all enemies.


Charges own NP gauge.

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Excalibur (Upgrade 1)

Sword of Promised Victory

Rank Classification Hit-Count
A ++ Anti-Fortress 1
Effect Deals damage to all enemies.
Level 1 2 3 4 5
400% 500% 550% 575% 600%
Overcharge Effect

Charges own NP gauge.

Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
20% 27.5% 35% 42.5% 50%

Assorted Info

ID 2
Cost 16
Gender Female
Growth Linear
Inst. Death Chance 21.00%
Damage Distribution Quick 33,67
Damage Distribution Arts 33,67
Damage Distribution Buster 100
Damage Distribution Extra 12,25,63
Damage Distribution NP 100

Attack / HP Growth

Stat Ratings

Interlude Quests

Quest Requirements Reward
Interlude 1
Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 1

Bond: 3

Interlude 2
Chapter Completion: Septem

Ascension: 2

Bond: 5

Rank Up 1
Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 4

Bond: 0

Skill 3

Rank Up 2
Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 4

Bond: 0

Skill 2

✔ = Available ✖ = Unavailable

Ascension Materials


Skill Enhancement Materials

1 → 2 200,000
2 → 3 400,000
3 → 4 1,200,000
4 → 5 1,600,000
5 → 6 4,000,000
6 → 7 5,000,000
7 → 8 10,000,000
8 → 9 12,000,000
9 → 10 20,000,000

Append Skill Materials

1 → 2 200000
2 → 3 400000
3 → 4 1200000
4 → 5 1600000
5 → 6 4000000
6 → 7 5000000
7 → 8 10000000
8 → 9 12000000
9 → 10 20000000

Total Materials Required

Append Skill
Asc + Skill

Costume Dress Materials

Costume Cost Materials
April Fool's 0
Invisible Air 3,000,000

Bond CE

Bond Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bond Pts Req. 3,000 6,125 6,125 6,125 6,125 282,500 300,000 320,000 340,000 370,000
Crown of the Stars

When equipped on Altria Pendragon,
Increases attack of all allies by 15% while she is on the field.

Table of Contents


“I ask of you, are you my Master?”

Of all the flavors of Altria, the original's skill set is best described as "vanilla": nothing fancy, but enduringly reliable. Sporting one of the strongest self-buffed AoE Buster NPs and some team support, Altria can fit on a variety of teams with her strong wave clear ability.

While her skills aren't loaded with multiple effects, Altria's claim to fame is her straightforward strong Saber NP damage. Her Mana Burst-boosted NP and SSR stats are great for handily clearing waves, as well as providing the team with a decent Attack up from Charisma and perhaps a critical hit with Intuition. In addition, after her Rank Up Altria continues to be an even stronger farming Servant with access to a potent 30% NP charge.

In terms of generation stats, her launch-era hit counts and average generation stats are abysmal for generating critical stars despite the presence of a Riding passive, but offer reasonable uptime on her NP. Altria's balanced BBAAQ deck thus fits her kit well, helping her gain NP gauge through Arts Chains and enabling NP-Buster Brave chains for more damage. It is only after her Rank Up that Altria's NP up-time comes alive, as the combination of a 30% NP Charge on a 5-turn cooldown and a scaling 20% base NP refund makes her a potential NP-spamming juggernaut with support.

Unfortunately, while Altria has one of the higher HP stats in the game, in return her attack stat is on the lower side for an SSR Saber. Furthermore, Altria lacks powerful long-term boosts to her damage performance, nor does she carry any effect in her skill set that provides utility or grants her additional survivability. As a result, her performance during challenge quests often is highly dependent on the support of others.

Until her Rank Up, the King of Knights will find it difficult to outperform specialized Servants during challenging encounters for Masters with expansive rosters. However, once her Intuition is upgraded Altria will become a highly capable Servant that not only farms exceedingly well, but also turns up a stellar performance during challenge quests with her NP spam potential.

Gameplay Tip

Altria's farming ability and challenge quest capability greatly improves after she receives her NP Charge Rank Up. Not only can she run a wider selection of Craft Essences for farming, but at max level her NP Charge combined with the NP refund from Excalibur’s Overcharge grants at least 50% NP gauge. Indirectly, the Rank Up enables Altria’s kit more NP usage options, granting her a potent niche in using her powerful upgraded AoE NP frequently with the right supports.


Strong Burst NP

Altria's native Mana Burst and Charisma stack multiplicatively for up to 77% in self buffs, amongst the highest for AoE Sabers. Combined with her early NP Interlude, she has one of the strongest trait-independent AoE NP's without external buffs. Altria will usually be able to repress the enemies with her Holy Hand Grenade of an NP on the final wave of many quests.  

Team Support

In addition to her strong NP damage, Altria also provides some team support. Charisma provides a decent amount of Attack Up for the entire team for 3 turns, while Intuition provides a moderate injection of critical stars on-demand. Solid team support from an AoE Saber is relatively rare, and is a premium for her farming niche to help the team clear waves.

Farming/NP Spam Potential

Once Altria receives her Rank Up, the NP charge added onto Intuition makes her one of the strongest farming Sabers. Her NP damage potential alone makes her an excellent farming Servant already, but the NP charge both makes her easier to use and allows for a more varied CE selection. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, it can also be combined with her NP refund for impressive back-to-back NP potential during difficult encounters.


Lack of Unique Skill/Role Combination until Rank Up

Altria's vanilla skill set is straightforward and useful for a variety of stages, but her lack of a unique effect or ability to target a niche means that she won't perform as well as specialists in challenge quests, or farming quests with enemies weak to certain bonus damage. Notably, she relies on her teammates to overcome any problems that cannot be solved by pure damage due to having no utility at all in her kit. However, her Rank Up does increase her challenge quest viability by allowing for more NP uptime.

Relatively Low Avenues of Offense

Altria’s biggest problem as a damage dealer is her lack of sustained high damage potential. Without access to long duration powerful steroids, or the ability to exploit any critical potential on her own, and with average NP gain and relatively low base attack, Altria struggles to keep up with her peers when it comes to challenging content. This downside is somewhat reduced by her NP Charge Rank Up as she gains a niche in unleashing her NP frequently, but her damage against single enemies remains problematic.


As none of Altria's skills provide sustain or survivability, she will need support for longer quests or high-damage challenge quests to cover this weakness. While she has a decently high HP stat and passive Magic Resistance, Altria also has many traits (i.e. Altria-face, Arthur, etc.) that make her more likely to be targeted/take effective damage from enemies than the average servant.  

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Skill Priority
Charisma B

Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns).

Show Info
Attack + 9%9.9%10.8%11.7%12.6%13.5%14.4%15.3%16.2%18%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5
Mana Burst A

Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).

Show Info
Buster + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5
Intuition A

Gain Critical Stars.

Show Info
Stars + 567891011121315
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

As an offense-oriented Servant specifically focused on her NP, Altria benefits most from maxing out Charisma and Mana Burst for stronger NP turns and card damage. Of these two skills, Mana Burst is usually leveled first for the greatest NP damage increase, but Charisma first is also viable for a more supportive option. Intuition is typically leveled last due to its weak effect, but becomes a powerful investment after Altria's Rank Up due to the added NP Charge effect.

  • Charisma is a solid skill on a reasonable cooldown. As the performance increase per level is lower than Mana Burst, this skill is usually leveled second. However, since it is a more enduring buff that affects the entire team, some Masters may elect to max it first.

  • Mana Burst is the signature skill of Altria-kind (or at least it used to be), and provides the greatest damage increase per level at the cost of being a card-specific one-turn buff. Due to providing the highest NP performance increase per level, it is recommended to level this up first.

  • Intuition traditionally gets a bad reputation due to being a weak skill with the amount of stars it generates. However, post-Rank Up it becomes a worthy investment due to the 30% NP battery on a short cooldown, which makes Altria better at both farming and challenge quests. Will become the most important skill to level post-Rank Up.

Craft Essence Recommendation

Typically Altria focuses on unleashing her Buster NP and increasing its damage. This makes Starting NP Gauge, NP Damage Up, and Buster Up Craft Essences ideal. Starting NP Gauge not only allows for instant NP deployment, but also provides quicker access to potential NP looping post-Rank Up due to her NP refund. NP Damage Up works especially well to efficiently boost Altria's NP damage further through multiplicative buff stacking, while Buster Up Craft Essences not only buff her NP but also the damage on her Buster Command Cards as well.  

  • Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element: Kaleidoscope and MLB Imaginary Element allow Altria to NP immediately after her Rank Up or with the help of external support.

  • Aerial Drive / Holy Night Supper / Golden Sumo / Partake with the King / First Sunrise: Hybrid CEs work well if Altria has a short time to charge her NP or receives additional NP charging support. These options are an excellent mix between performance and and launching an NP quickly.

  • Black Grail / Heaven’s Feel / Hero Elly’s Adventure: Pure NP Damage like Black Grail will improve Altria’s damage the most and can work well given Altria's high base HP. It becomes more effective after her Rank Up as she will be able to charge her NP faster.  

  • Limited/Zero Over / Verdant Sound of Destruction: Despite Buster Buffs stacking additively with Mana Burst, Altria still benefits from Buster buffs outside of NP turns to increase her command card damage.  

Table of Contents

Other Info

Release Date Game Launch
AKA/Alias/Nicknames Saber, Blue Saber, Arthur, Arthuria, King of Britain, King of Knights, King of Hungry, Artoria
Country/Place of Origin United Kingdom
Illustrator Takeuchi Takashi
Seiyuu (CV) Ayako Kawasumi
Series Fate/stay night




Character Info

Legendary King of Britain, and the King of Knights.
Her childhood name was Altria, but she has been known as King Arthur since her coronation.
At a time when chivalry was dying like a flower wilting away, she brought momentary peace and the last bit of prosperity to Britain with her sacred sword in hand.
In history books Arthur is male, but in this world she is a woman in disguise.

Profile 1

Height/Weight: 154cm, 42kg
Origin: Legend of King Arthur
Region: England
Alignment: Lawful-Good
Gender: Female
Does not know how to react to affection since she has been pretending to be a man.

Profile 2

An idealistic king who believes a good living and a good life is all anyone needs.
Protects the weak, punishes the strong, and is an all around a completely faultless person.
Calm and steady, she is always serious and a model human being.
...But, even though she doesn't say it out loud, she hates losing.
She doesn't go easy on herself, and feels great remorse when she loses.

Profile 3

Charisma: B
A natural born leader to guide armies.
Improves her own army's strengths on the battlefield.
Swears by complete honesty and selfless devotion.
Knights kneel to her justness, and the people can survive any hardship with her hope.
Her path of kingship is not to rule over a handful of the strong, but to save many of the poor.

Profile 4

Rank: A++
NP Type: Anti-Fortress
Sword of Promised Victory.
A weapon not forged by man, but a Divine Construct forged within the Planet.
The Noble Phantasm that is greatest of all sacred swords.
The true power of the sword lies within its sheath, which is said to be lost forever.

Profile 5

The Legend of King Arthur marks the end of the era of knights.
King Arthur repelled many foreign enemies, but was unable to save Britain.
Due to the betrayal of Mordred, one of the Knights of the Round Table, the country was split into two and the Knights' castle Camelot lost its gleam.

Profile 6

Unlock: Clear Interlude 1

King Arthur defeated Mordred on the Hill of Camlann, but she suffered fatal wounds and fell to her knees. Before her last breath, she entrusted her sacred sword to her last confidante Bedivere, and left the human realm. After death, she was taken to utopia... Avalon, a paradise that exists beyond this realm. It is said she will return to save Britain once again in the distant future.

Voice Lines

Battle Start 1 Let's begin, Master.
Battle Start 2 Give it everything you've got.
Battle Start 3 This is a battle, so I must destroy our enemies!
Battle Start 4 Stay calm. We mustn't be careless.
Skill 1 All hands, prepare to charge!
Skill 2 I'll show you my strength!
Skill 3 You're not getting away!
Skill 4 I'll take them myself!
Skill 5 Bring victory to this path!
Skill 6 Sacred sword, release…
Command Card 1 Leave it to me.
Command Card 2 Nice.
Command Card 3 Okay.
Noble Phantasm Card 1 All right. Let's finish this.
Noble Phantasm Card 2 If that is your decision…
Noble Phantasm Card 3 This is a battle to save humanity.
Attack 1 Hrmph!
Attack 2 Hahh!
Attack 3 Hyahhh!
Attack 4 I'll cut them down!
Attack 5 There's still more!
Attack 6 Got you!
Attack 7 Sei!
Extra Attack 1 O wind, whirl away!
Extra Attack 2 Strike Air!
Noble Phantasm 1 Sheathed in the breath of the planet, a torrent of shining life.
Feel its wrath.
Noble Phantasm 2 This light is the planet's hope...proof of the life that illuminates this world!
Noble Phantasm 3 This light is the planet's hope...proof of the life that illuminates this world!
Let us end this!
Damage 1 Attacks like this…
Damage 2 Ugh!
Incapacitated 1 Not…like this…
Incapacitated 2 Sorry, Master…
Victory 1 You still have much to learn.
Victory 2 I cannot break my knightly vows.
Victory 3 Take care of the wounded. The battle is not yet over.
Victory 4 Are your supply lines still in place? Good.
Level up A little bit stronger, huh.
Ascension 1 Seems like I've leveled up.
Ascension 2 Let's grow together.
Ascension 3 What do you think? I hope I can live up to your expectations.
Ascension 4 Even if I return to being a king, our vows will not change. My sword is always with you.
Let's go, Master!
Bond Level 1 This is the battle to save all humans.
Our task is of the utmost importance, Master.
Bond Level 2 Why was I dressed as a man, you ask?
In my time, only men have royal authority. I couldn't protect anything as a maiden.
Bond Level 3 know. I dreamed about it sometimes.
What kind of life I'd have lived if I hadn't pulled the king's sword out.
Bond Level 4 You know of Merlin?
He's a mischievous but reliable wizard.
We'd be much better off with him on our side...
Bond Level 5 I feel comfortable with your instructions.
There is a strange gentleness to it.
If my sword can aid you, Master, I'll do everything in my power to help.
Conversation 1 Heading into battle? Then allow me to join you.
Conversation 2 Trainings everyday, Master.
Conversation 3 Servants exist to serve their Masters, but I hope we can work together in good faith.
Conversation 4 (Gilgamesh) Forming a contract with the King of Heroes... Impressive. a Heroic Spirit with problems, to be sure, but his abilities are unparalleled.
You'll get used to him sooner or later.
Well, I will never get used to him though.
Conversation 5 (EMIYA) The archer with a red coat... Fighting at his side brings both joy and sadness.
No matter where life takes him, he is a Heroic Spirit that is destined to fight forever...
Likes Something I like... Sorry, I can't think of anything.
Dislikes I can't think of anything I hate... How embarrassing...
About the Holy Grail I have my own thoughts of the quest for Holy Grails, but that's all in the past.
If something is evil, I must correct its path myself.
During an Event Hmm. Feels like our hard work is paying off... Let's see where this goes.
Birthday Happy birthday, Master.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
Summon I ask of you, are you my Master?

Valentine's CE


Non-Limited - Available in the general summoning pool.

Future Banners

Banner (Add 2 years for NA Date) JP Period

Fate/EXTELLA LINK Release Summoning Campaign
Fate/EXTELLA LINK Release Summoning Campaign

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[JP] Valentine's 2025 Pickup Summon (Daily)
[JP] Valentine's 2025 Pickup Summon (Daily)

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[JP] Spring New Master Campaign 2025 Pickup Summon (Daily)

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[JP] Evocation Festival 4 Pickup Summon (Daily)

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[JP] Fate/stay night 20th Anniversary Altria Pendragon Pickup Summon
[JP] Fate/stay night 20th Anniversary Altria Pendragon Pickup Summon

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[JP] Valentine's 2026 Pickup Summon (Daily)
[JP] Valentine's 2026 Pickup Summon (Daily)

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