Lostbelt No.2: The Eternal Icy Fire Century, Götterdämmerung - The Good Fellow of Everlasting Flame

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Article by NorseFTX
Lostbelt No.2: Götterdämmerung

Total Summary

First Time Rewards
Notable Drops

Release Date

6/23/2020 03:00 PST

Unlock Requirements

General Information

Promotional Video

  • Check out the below promotional video released for Lostbelt 2: Götterdämmerung!

Saint Quartz Promotion

  • Due to meeting the social media campaigns, and in commemmoration of the Chaldea Broadcast Vol. 8, a total of 13x Saint Quartz Saint Quartz will be distributed to all Masters!

New QoL Game Features Added

  • Icons showing Class Advantage and Disadvantage will be shown for Servants on the Select Support and Confirm Party screen
  • Critical Star Total will now be displayed each turn (rather than having to count the percentages on each card and total them).
List of Additional Features in 6/23 Game Update (Click to Open/Close)

1. Follow Function

  • Separate from the Friend function, Masters can now "Follow" up to 3 Masters and use their Servants as Support during Part 1 Main Quests (Fuyuki - Solomon). Friend points will be awarded to the Master whose Support was used by a follower.
  • It is also now possible to Lock Friends and Follows to avoid accidentally deleting a Friend.

2. Consecutive Battle Function Added

  • Immediately repeat the same Free Quest without having to go back to Servant Lineup after completing a Free Quest once. This will hop directly back to Support selection.

3. Drag and Drop Servants and CEs during Party Lineup

  • It is now possible to quickly drag and drop Servant and CE position by using the Line Up and Change CE Position buttons in Party Setup.

4. Bond Point Bonus for bringing Mash Kyrielight in the Party

  • Upon clearing Lostbelt 1, when running Main Quests after Lostbelt 1, Mash will gain a new Class Skill, "Stargazer's Journey", which will provide a 20% Bond Point bonus to all other Servants in the party lineup.
  • This does not apply if Mash is a guest or support Servant.

5. Resume Quests Mid-Cutscene!

  • Now, if the app is closed mid-story, Masters can resume where they left off in the story.

6. Automatic Text Display Speed

  • Adjustments can be made for how long it takes for the current text box to disappear and advance to the next text box.
    • Fixed Delay - A set delay until the next dialogue box is displayed, unaffected by text length.
    • Variable Delay - A delay based on the number of letters displayed in each dialogue box.

7. Separate "Normal" and "Event" Support Setups

  • Masters can now set up multiple Support lineups that will automatically be shown depending on whether an Event or Normal quest is being run.

8. Selectable Battle Voice Lines for Servants with Hidden True Names!

  • Servants whose voice lines change after True Name reveal can now have their voice lines set as the pre-reveal lines.

9. Automatic Burning Enabled for Battle Drops!

  • EXP Cards obtained during battle can now be set to be automatically burned.

10. Event Quest Select Support Filter Expanded!

  • It is now possible to restrict Support Selection Filters to only show Supports that have a specific Event CE, as well as restricting by MLB only.

11. Automatically Display Advantageous Class when Selecting Support!

  • Support selection will start off at the Class tab that has Class Advantage for the selected quest.
  • This option can be turned off in Game Options.

12. Automatic Materials Selection for Servant Enhancement!

  • Rather than having to click EXP manually, a new function can auto-select EXP during Servant Enhancement based on desired criteria.

13. Always Display "Important Presents"!

  • Limited time / expiring Present Box items will now be always shown regardless of Present Box filter functions active.
  • This option can be turned off in the Present Box filter dialog.

14. Mystic Code Included when Copying a Party!

  • Now Copying a Party on the Party Setup screen will also copy its Mystic Code selection.

15. Craft Essence "Effect Filter" Added!

  • Craft Essences can now be filtered by the effect they provide!

16. Hide Dialogue Box in Cutscenes!

  • To bask in the glory of the art for a cutscene, it is now possible to swipe down the dialog window to hide it and show only the cutscene CG.

17. Select Multiple Copies for Noble Phantasm Enhancement

  • Increasing Noble Phantasm level now no longer needs to be done one level at a time; multiple copies can be selected at once.

18. Bond CEs Cannot be Burned or used as Enhancement Material

  • Bond CEs can no longer be accidentally gotten rid of by being used as fodder or being burned.
  • Bond CEs also no longer count towards the CE inventory limit.

19. Repeated Summoning from the Summon Results Screen!

  • Now the Summon Results screen has a re-summon button. Saint Quartz and Friend Points can now be drained at an even faster rate.

20. Selectable Ascension Level for "My Room" Servant Record playback!

  • Any Ascension Stage can be selected for a Servant for "Servant's Records" playback in My Room.

21. Transfer Data Using Google Backups!

  • Game data backup linked to a Google account will now be available for Android devices. With this update, you will be able to restore game data even if you have not issued a Transfer Number.
    • You must turn the "Game Data Backup" function on in your device's settings in order to use this feature.
    • For iOS devices, game data can be restored without a Transfer Number if you have it backed up to iCloud or iTunes.
    • This function applies only to Android devices using Android 6.0 or later. Please note that you cannot restore backup data to a device with an older OS than the original device.
    • If you have generated a Transfer Number in addition to a game data backup on iCloud, iTunes, or a Google account, the Transfer Number will take precedence. Once you restore data using the Transfer Number, the previous game data can no longer be restored. You will need to create a new game data backup from the new device.
  • Customer Support (Email): [email protected]
List of UI Changes in 6/23 Game Update (Click to Open/Close)

1. Icons Indicating Class Affinity Added!

  • Advantage or Disadvantage against the current quest's Class Tendency will now be displayed next to the party's Class icons.

2. Predicted Enhancement Results Displayed When Selecting Materials!

  • A small preview of the results of Servant Enhancement will now be shown on the bottom right of the screen.

3. Bond Point Bonus Amounts Displayed Separately!

  • The amount of Bonus Bond Points obtained (from CE Effects, Class Skill effects, or campaign bonuses) will now be shown in parentheses next to the base Bond Point amount.

4. Command Card Information Added to Servant Status Display in Battle!

  • Clicking on a Servant's Portrait now will provide information about the Servant's Command Cards. Any Status Effects have been moved to a new "Status" tab.

5. Mission Target Icon Design Updated!

  • Previewing Quest Information now will show the type of Mission an enemy is relevant to.

6. Enemy Class Tendency Displayed Always on Party Setup Screen

  • The Enemy Class Tendency will always be shown, rather than rotating between Event Bonuses. Event Bonuses are instead shown to the right of the Class icons.

7. Time Until Total AP Recovery Displayed

  • The total time required until Next AP Point recovery and Full AP recovery will now be shown under the AP bar.

8. Free Quest Icons Added to Area Maps

  • A new icon has been added to indicate which quests are Free Quests (repeatable).

9. Improvements to Mystic Code Selection Interface

  • Mystic Codes can now be scrolled left and right in a list underneath the skill display to quickly switch between them, rather than having to advance between them one by one.

10. Exchangeable Saint Quartz Displayed on Master Mission Screen

  • The number of Saint Quartz that Fragments can be exchanged for is now shown in a small preview on the Master Mission screen.

11. "Previous Event" Filter Added to Second Archive

  • The Second Archive screen now has a filter to show CEs from "Previous Event" (an Event that has just ended) to facilitate archiving of Events that have ended to the Second Archive if desired.

Animation Update

  • The release of Lostbelt 2 in NA will come with animation updates for 4 Servants! Originally, in the JP Server, only Brynhild received an animation update during the release of this Lostbelt.
Servants with Animation Updates
Brynhild Animation Update
Rama Animation Update
Arjuna Animation Update
Nightingale Animation Update

Voice Updates

  • Three Servants will also be receiving additional Skill Voice clips!
Servants with Voice Line Updates

New Ascension Items

Icon Name Description
Giant's Ring Skill & Ascension Material (Link to Drop Locations)
Aurora Steel Skill & Ascension Material (Link to Drop Locations)

New Craft Essences

Name How to Obtain Effect Description

Child of Atlas 5★
Campaign Gacha Ignore DEF.
Anti-Berserker ATK +35% (MLB +40%).

Cleaner 4★
Campaign Gacha Arts +8% (MLB +10%).
Crit Strength +15% (MLB +20%).

Sakura's Special Bento 3★
Campaign Gacha
Friend Point Gacha
Heal Effectiveness +5% (MLB +10%).

Flower Garden Maiden 4★
Complete Lostbelt 2: Gotterdammerung Restore 200 HP/turn (MLB 300 HP/turn).
NP Gain +15% (MLB +20%).

Featured Servants

Sigurd is LIMITED, and is only available during special summoning campaigns. They will NOT be added to the general summoning pool after the event ends.
Brynhild is LIMITED, and is only available during special summoning campaigns. They will NOT be added to the general summoning pool after the event ends.
Valkyrie is Non-limited, and will be available in the general summoning pool after the summoning period ends.

Summoning Campaign

Date Daily Rate Up Servant Other / CE Rate-Ups
6/23/2020 03:00 - 6/27/2020 20:59 PST

6/27/2020 21:00 - 6/30/2020 20:59 PST
6/30/2020 21:00 - 7/3/2020 20:59 PST
7/3/2020 21:00 - 7/6/2020 20:59 PST
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