Singularity: Babylonia

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Singularity Release Date

Released 12/5/2018 23:00 PST.

General Information

  • Official Babylonia Announcement News Link!
  • Note that the bond level of your Servants will increase their damage in the next Singularity after Babylonia! Servants will receive a damage bonus at Bond Lv.5 or higher! In anticipation of the next Singularity, this is a good time to begin (or continue) forming deeper bonds with your Servants.
  • Babylonia Main Quests: 20 Saint Quartz total
  • Babylonia Free Quests: 14 Saint Quartz total
  • Bonus login bonus from 12/5 - 12/12 of Golden Fruitx2 per day, for up to Golden Fruitx14 total!
  • The 1/2 AP for Main Quests up to Camelot continues from 12/5 - 12/12. The upcoming event/singularity that is on the horizon requires Babylonia completion, so make full use of it!
  • On the other servers, completing Babylonia before the next event launches rewarded 30 Saint Quartz. If the global server follows in their footsteps, there will be a message in the news section of F/GO!
  • For most Masters, using natural AP should be enough to clear Babylonia. Full completion of the Babylonia Main Quest requires around 2000 AP.

New Ascension Materials

Item Icon Name
Cursed Beast Gallstone
Primordial Lanugo
Deadly Poisonous Needle

New Craft Essences

Summoning Campaign

Babylonia Pickup Summon

Rate up Servants Name

Enkidu 5★

Medusa (Lancer) 4★

Gilgamesh (Caster) 4★

Babylonia 2 Pickup Summon

Rate up Servants Name

Quetzalcoatl 5★

Gorgon 4★

Jaguar Warrior 3★
Rate up CE Name
Demonic Bodhisattva 5★
Start with NP gauge at 50% (MLB 60%).
Overcharge NP by 2 stages for 1 time (No change on MLB).
Room Guard 4★
Increase C Star Absorption by 300% (MLB 400%).
Reduce damage taken by 300 (MLB 400).
Seeker of Miracles 3★
When equipped on a Divine Servant, increase NP damage by 15% (MLB 25%).