Command Chain Calculator

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Use this Fate/Grand Order Calculator to find the best Command Chain for your Servant.

  • Type your Servant Name into the box next to the Servant portrait.
  • Table below calculates Damage / NP Gain / Stars of your Servant's every possible command chain.
  • Customize the command chain calculation with your Servant's Active Skill Levels, NP Upgrades, Support Buffs or Enemy Specifics under the Advanced tab.
  • Share your Servant Build with the Share This Build button.

Patch Notes

Patch Notes

  • 2021/08/19 - Oberon update.
  • 2021/02/05 - Fixed bad AoE NP calculation code.
  • 2020/10/02 - Beasts should be weak to Star, not resist to it. Thanks RuinousAmbition!
  • 2020/09/22 - Event CE fix
  • 2020/09/04 - Added trait logic check for Special ATK Up and Super Effective modifiers. Improved Quest Lookup interface. 
  • 2020/08/26 - Enemy Quest Lookup.
  • 2020/08/25 - Fixes Internet Explorer/ES5 compatibility.
  • 2020/08/24 - Separate enemy toggles; Add CE/MC lookup via Atlas Academy API.
  • 2020/08/19 - Add 1-click Supports, refactor code base
  • 2020/08/17 - Added new visualization - Charts.
  • 2020/08/16 - Interface improvements. 
  • 2020/08/13 - Added Support lookup under Advanced tab
  • 2020/08/10 - Implemented support for double upgraded skills, thanks EMIYA.
  • 2020/08/08 - Fixed an issue with Hundred Faces refund, applies to other res down skills.
  • 2020/07/15 - Max 3 stars per hit cap implemented per this thread, thanks Andell!
  • Older patch notes

Target Enemies

Enemy HP Class Attribute # Enemies

Enemy Quest Finder

Fill in enemy stats manually or use the Quest Finder to populate enemy lineups.

Enemy A
Health Class Attribute
Enemy B
Health Class Attribute
Enemy C
Health Class Attribute

Some Special enemy types give bonus NP when attacked, such as Skeleton Warrior, Dragon Tooth Warrior, Zombie, Ghost, Pirates, Banshee.

Quest Finder

Your Servant


Skills & Noble Phantasm

Noble Phantasm

Note: To cycle through NP Type for Space Ishtar and EMIYA, toggle skill on/off.

Active Skill Level

Buffs & Supports

This table summarizes buffs your Servant receives from other Servants or Craft Essences, or Mystic Code. Enter your Servant's support buffs directly, or use the dropdown menus to find specific supports.

Quick UP Arts UP Buster UP
ATK UP Critical Damage Up NP Damage Up
NP Gain Up Star Gain Up Start NP Gauge
NP Boost Support
NP Boost
Critical Damage Up
Damage Plus
NP Damage Up
Special ATK

Support Servant

You may use this Support Servant lookup to populate the buffs table.


Mystic Codes

Craft Essence

Search for CE name to equip on your Servant.

CE Name:

Advanced Settings

Assumes Critical Hits by Position
Force Bonus Damage Effects to apply such as "Bonus Damage vs Trait" or "Low HP Bonus Damage"
Disable Ally Cards, this will disable calculation if not enough Command Cards are selected!
  • Min
  • Max
Adjust Damage RNG (90~110%)

Under the Hood


Command Card Chains

  • A, B, Q, N, E - Your Servant's Arts, Buster, Quick, NP, Extra cards.
  • a, b, q - Other Servant's Command Cards.
  • Click Command Cards to turn them ON/OFF!
Command Chain Table

Command Chain Chart

Sort Command Codes by

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