Pseudo-Singularity I: Quarantined Territory of Malice, Shinjuku - Shinjuku Phantom Incident

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Spritework by: NorseFTX

Release Date

2/24/2019 21:00 PST.

Unlock Requirements

Level Cap Increase

  • The Master level cap will be increased from Lv130 to Lv140!
  • The total EXP required to go from 130 to 140 is 104,349,650 EXP. For comparison, going from 1 to 130 requires 73,912,327 EXP.
  • Effective Date: [Shinjuku Start Date] - Indefinite

1/2 AP Main Quest Campaign

  • To help Masters quickly unlock the new Epic of Remnant Chapter, Shinjuku, all Main Quests from Fuyuki to Solomon will cost 1/2 AP. Please note Free Quests are not included in the campaign.
  • Campaign Period: (Tentative, from JP) 2/24/2019 20:00 - 3/7/2019 19:59 PST

Sound Player Update

  • Music and soundtracks from both the Main Story and Events can be replayed once unlocked in game.
  • Note that unlocking tracks requires the usage of items (such as Ascension Pieces), which depends on the track.
  • Some tracks may also have additional unlock requirements, such as Main Quest progress, Event participation, or owning specific Servants.

True Name System

  • In Epic of Remnant, the True Name of specific Servants can only be unlocked by progressing through the Main Story. Until then, their identity will be hidden.
  • Servants will also have new voice lines before and after the reveal of their True Name.

Evil Alignment Bond Bonus

  • Servants with [Evil] Alignment will gain +100% Bond Point EXP when clearing quests in Shinjuku!

Evil Trait Servant List

Class Evil Trait Servants

Break Bar System

  • In Shinjuku Main Quests, some enemies have multiple HP bar layers.
  • Upon depleting one of multiple HP bars, the bar will "break" and reveal the second HP layer, and skills can be triggered at this time.
  • When extra damage is dealt on the same turn that an HP bar is depleted, this triggers Overgauge (similar to Overkill), which gives extra NP and Critical Stars per hit.
  • Additional damage dealt during the same turn an HP bar is broken cannot damage the next HP layer, even when switching between attacking Servants. The next layer can only be damaged on the next turn.
  • A detailed explanation of how the Break Bar system affects which Servants are strong or useful in the future can be found here!

New Ascension Materials

Icon Name
Mystic Spinal Fluid

New Craft Essences

Icon Name
Freelancer 3★
Quick Card Crit Dmg +25% (MLB 30%).

Summoning Campaign

Date Rate Up Servant Rate Up CE
2/24 20:00 - 3/8/2019 19:59 PST (Limited)
Date Rate Up Servant Rate Up CE
3/3 20:00 - 3/19/2019 20:59 PST? (Story-locked)