Singularity: Solomon

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Singularity Release Date

  • Released 12/20/2018 23:00 PST.

General Information

  • Official Solomon Announcement News Link!
  • This is it! The Final Singularity: The Grand Temple of Time Solomon!
  • Clear Babylonia to access.
  • This Singularity features Raid Quests for a limited period of time only.
    • Players will work together to defeat a total of 7 Demon God Pillar Raid Bosses.
    • Bosses in Seats II - VII must be defeated 2,000,000 times across all players.
    • The boss in Seat X must be defeated 6,000,000 times across all players.
    • Once a boss is defeated, the Main Quest for story progression unlocks, and the Raid is no longer available!
    • To Reiterate: Once a raid boss is defeated it will never return!
    • For a full explanation of the raid mechanics, see the Solomon Preparation Guide.
  • Servants receive bonus damage depending on their Bond Level, starting from Bond Lv. 5 or higher!
Bond Damage Boost
Bond 5 +20% Damage
Bond 6 +40% Damage
Bond 7 +60% Damage
Bond 8 +75% Damage
Bond 9 +90% Damage
Bond 10
and Mash
+100% Damage
  • There are no Free Quests in this Singularity.
  • Completing the Singularity will award Holy Grail Holy Grail x1 and Holy Grail Summon Ticket x7. No Saint Quartz are available from Solomon.

New Ascension Materials

  • No new ascension materials.

New Craft Essences

  • No new craft essences.

New Servants

Merlin is LIMITED, and is only available during special summoning campaigns. He will NOT be added to the general summoning pool after the campaign ends.

Summoning Campaign

Rate up Servants Name

Merlin 5★