The Dantès Files: The Case of the True Mastermind

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ID 990
Cost 12
Base HP 400
Max HP 1,600
Base ATK 250
Max ATK 1,000


Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10%.
Increase Critical Strength by 10%.
Increase NP Gain by 15%.

Increase Hermit Shaker drops by 1.
[Chaldea Boys Collection 2021 only]

Limit Break

Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 15%.
Increase Critical Strength by 15%.
Increase NP Gain by 20%.

Increase Hermit Shaker drops by 2.
[Chaldea Boys Collection 2021 only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Kazuki Yone

"This may be a cliché line, but I'll still say it...
YOU are the culprit!!!"

Alongside the great detective from overseas, Detective Dantès faces his greatest case yet. What is the identity of the true mastermind, the masked man? And why does the girl weep?

Part three of The Dantès Files, "The Masked Man."
Thus concludes the series' adventure. Will the story reach its grand conclusion!?

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