High and Mighty Student Council President

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ID 1200
Cost 9
Base HP 320
Max HP 1,200
Base ATK 200
Max ATK 750


Increase HP Recovery Amount by 10%.
Increase NP Gain by 5%.

Increase Ominous Herb drops by 1.
[Chaldea Boys 2022 Only]

Limit Break

Increase HP Recovery Amount by 15%.
Increase NP Gain by 10%.

Increase Ominous Herb drops by 2.
[Chaldea Boys 2022 Only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: TCB

"Whoever wrote this letter saying 'the unparalleled Jason is the best, most perfect student council president ever!' really knows what they're talking about!"
"...I have a pretty good idea who sent that."

The student council president may be a bit haughty, but with the help of the prefect, who is also the top student in professor Chiron's class, and the excellent accountant who basically never comes out of the infirmary, the student council is always rock-solid.

The boisterous voice of the president, who happens to also be the captain of the yacht club, echoes through the student council room.

Drop Bonus Item