Shinjuku Phantom Incident

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ID 1148
Cost 9
Base HP 100
Max HP 100
Base ATK 100
Max ATK 100


(Comes max limit broken)

Limit Break

Increases Mystic Code EXP gained by 50.

[NA] Released during the New Year 2022 Countdown Campaign from 12/28/2021 20:00 - 1/11/2022 19:59 PST.
[JP] Obtained by clearing "FGO Epic of Remnant Episode I Comic Release Campaign Commemoration" Quest.

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Shonen Sasaki

The year 1999, Shinjuku...

A new Singularity appeared before the protagonist and company at Chaldea, who thought they had restored humanity. To repair its distorted history, the protagonist Rayshifts once again, only to end up in a metropolis that has transformed into a territory of malice locked in a perpetual night.

Alongside a mysterious Servant calling himself the "Archer of Shinjuku," the protagonist battles through the skyscraper built at the end of the century, where a perfect crime has been conceived!