Oda Nobukatsu

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Chaotic Good
Max HP 7,563
HP Rank
Max ATK 5,116
ATK Rank
Base Atk930Base HP1,512
Max Atk 5,116 Max HP 7,563
Lvl 100 Atk 7,949 Lvl 100 HP 11,659
Lvl 120 Atk 9,368 Lvl 120 HP 13,710
NP per Hit (%) 0.75%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 145
Star Generation per Hit 7.9%

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Servant Skills

Immature Scheme D

Inflict [Confusion] on a single enemy (3 turns).
- Confusion: 30% Chance to inflict Skill Seal (1 turn) each turn.
Decrease Buster Resist for a single enemy (3 turns).

Show Info
Buster Res - 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6

Available from the start

I Shall Die for the Heavens B

Gain Critical Stars each turn (3 turns).
Increase Critical Strength for all allies by 20% (3 turns).
Further increase Critical Strength of all [Nobunaga] allies (3 turns).
Increase Critical Star Gather Rate for all [Nobunaga] allies (3 turns).

Show Info
Stars per turn + 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15
[Nobunaga] Crit Dmg + 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 80%
[Nobunaga] Star Gather + 1000% 1200% 1400% 1600% 1800% 2000% 2200% 2400% 2600% 3000%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

Adabana of War C

Apply Target Focus to self (1 turn).
Increase own NP Gain when taking damage (1 turn).
Apply Delayed On-Death Buff (5 turns).
- On-Death effect: Restore HP for all allies.

Show Info
NP Gain (Taking Dmg) + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
Heal (On Death) + 2000 2100 2200 2300 2400 2500 2600 2700 2800 3000
CD 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension

Append Skills

Anti-Caster (ATK Up)

Deal extra Special ATK damage to [Caster] class enemies.

Show Info
Special ATK +20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%

Class Skills

Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Independent Action C

Increase your Critical Strength by 6%.

Noble Phantasm

Demon King's Turning Tide, Mañjusaka D

Increase NP Gauge for all allies except self.
Increase Buster Card effectiveness of all [Nobunaga] allies by 20% (3 turns).
Apply Death to self (can trigger Guts). [Demerit]


Increase Buster Card effectiveness for all allies (3 turns).

Show Info/Video

Demon King's Turning Tide, Mañjusaka

Maoukaiten Higanbana

Rank Classification Hit-Count
D Anti-Personnel

Increase NP Gauge for all allies except self.
Increase Buster Card effectiveness of all [Nobunaga] allies by 20% (3 turns).
Apply Death to self (can trigger Guts). [Demerit]

Level 1 2 3 4 5
10% 15% 17.5% 18.75% 20%
20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Overcharge Effect

Increase Buster Card effectiveness for all allies (3 turns).

Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

Assorted Info

ID 294
Cost 3
Gender Male
Growth Reverse S
Inst. Death Chance 45.00%
Damage Distribution Quick 16,33,51
Damage Distribution Arts 16,33,51
Damage Distribution Buster 33,67
Damage Distribution Extra 10,20,30,40
Damage Distribution NP

Attack / HP Growth

Stat Ratings

Ascension Materials


Skill Enhancement Materials

1 → 2 10,000
2 → 3 20,000
3 → 4 60,000
4 → 5 80,000
5 → 6 200,000
6 → 7 250,000
7 → 8 500,000
8 → 9 600,000
9 → 10 1,000,000

Append Skill Materials

1 → 2 10000
2 → 3 20000
3 → 4 60000
4 → 5 80000
5 → 6 200000
6 → 7 250000
7 → 8 500000
8 → 9 600000
9 → 10 1000000

Total Materials Required

Append Skill
Asc + Skill

Costume Dress Materials

Costume Cost Materials
April Fool's 0
Oda Gold-Rimmed 3,000,000

Bond CE

Bond Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bond Pts Req. 5,000 15,000 10,000 2,000 18,000 105,000 286,000 229,000 207,000 273,000
Demon King's Tribute

When equipped on Oda Nobukatsu (892331),
grant Evade (2 times, 3 turns) to all Nobunaga allies except self.

Table of Contents


“I leave the rest to you, Sister--. Hah, hahahahahaha--!!…”

The younger sibling of Oda Nobunaga (at least in FGO lore), Oda Nobukatsu is a special limited-time Servant available only in the Friend Summon pool. As a 1-star Archer with a supportive NP, he joins the roster as yet another bronze Archer capable of self sacrifice, with the ability to buff Nobunaga allies.

Oda Nobukatsu’s kit provides many utility effects, with Immature Scheme inflicting the Confusion debuff (which can Skill Seal every turn) and decreasing Buster Resist of a single target. He also has the ability to draw enemy attacks for a turn using Adabana of War, which also applies an on-death party heal effect and increased NP Gain when taking damage during that turn. His second skill, I Shall Die for the Heavens provides a small Crit Damage buff and stars per turn, while also notably providing additional buffs to Nobunaga allies, giving substantially increased Crit Damage and Star Gather Rate. His NP also provides Buster buffs to allies (further increased for Nobunaga allies), and charges NP Gauge for allies by 20%. Last but not least, he disappears himself after his NP.

Nobukatsu’s NP can essentially be treated as an Order Change with the next Servant in line, which comes with the bonus of NP Gauge and Buster buffs for allies. His NP unfortunately does no damage, however, making it purely supportive. His own Card damage output overall is not very notable, partially due to his lower bronze Servant base stats, although even then he ranks nearly the lowest in base ATK among all Servants, further making him suited only for support. It should be noted that he has no innate NP Charge skill, which can make it difficult to prepare his NP without the help of CEs or support that charge his NP for him. It is worth noting he can enable particularly interesting setups via the Order Change effect of his NP.

Overall, Oda Nobukatsu is a support Servant that synergizes particularly well with other Buster Servants (especially Nobunaga Servants). His ability to offer an Order Change via self sacrifice opens up new opportunities in various team compositions, and is a worthwhile Servant to have in the roster. Most importantly, if a Nobunaga’s around the Master’s Chaldea, make sure to roll for him so he can be reunited with his beloved sister.


Buster/Crit Support

Nobukatsu can provide 20% Crit Damage and 10% Buster Damage buffs to general allies, and for Nobunaga allies, this becomes a whopping +100% Crit Damage and +30% Buster Damage buff. He also provides a small amount of stars each turn, and for Nobunaga allies, can further buff their Star Gather rate substantially. He additionally can decrease Buster Resist for a single enemy, further boosting damage for one target.

Party NP Charge

His NP notably charges all allies’ Gauges by 20%, which is a remarkable amount for a Bronze Servant. Although there are demerits to this being tied to his NP (since it requires a turn), it is a useful supportive effect that any party member can benefit from.

Order Change

His NP also acts as an Order Change effect, bringing in allies from the back line once he sacrifices himself. This can enable further buff stacking on a damage dealer of choice, or bring in additional NP Gauge support, which tend to be of great use for Buster Servants, who otherwise generally have little NP refund from their Noble Phantasms.

Low Cost

He provides all this at 3 cost, being a 1 star Bronze Servant.


Low Damage

Oda Nobukatsu ranks among the lowest in base ATK, so he should not be expected to be dealing much damage on his own using his Cards. His NP also does not deal damage, so he ends up being most effective by removing himself from the field after providing his various buffs to allies.

No NP Charge Skills

His NP is arguably the centerpiece of his kit, but he has no innate way to charge his NP Gauge (since his NP Gauge effect is tied to his NP itself, and does not give himself NP Gauge since he dies). As a result, he is best utilized with CEs or support that can provide the NP gauge he needs.

Some Support is Trait-Locked

If an ally is not his big sister Nobunaga, they only get a small fraction of what he is capable of providing. He also generally favors Buster teams, and would find less use in any other lineup that features a Quick or Arts damage dealer.

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Skill Priority
Immature Scheme D

Inflict [Confusion] on a single enemy (3 turns).
- Confusion: 30% Chance to inflict Skill Seal (1 turn) each turn.
Decrease Buster Resist for a single enemy (3 turns).

Show Info
Buster Res - 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26% 27% 28% 30%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6
I Shall Die for the Heavens B

Gain Critical Stars each turn (3 turns).
Increase Critical Strength for all allies by 20% (3 turns).
Further increase Critical Strength of all [Nobunaga] allies (3 turns).
Increase Critical Star Gather Rate for all [Nobunaga] allies (3 turns).

Show Info
Stars per turn + 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15
[Nobunaga] Crit Dmg + 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 80%
[Nobunaga] Star Gather + 1000% 1200% 1400% 1600% 1800% 2000% 2200% 2400% 2600% 3000%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5
Adabana of War C

Apply Target Focus to self (1 turn).
Increase own NP Gain when taking damage (1 turn).
Apply Delayed On-Death Buff (5 turns).
- On-Death effect: Restore HP for all allies.

Show Info
NP Gain (Taking Dmg) + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
Heal (On Death) + 2000 2100 2200 2300 2400 2500 2600 2700 2800 3000
CD 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4

Since Nobunaga’s primary usage is as a support, focusing on skills that maximize what he provides to the party would be ideal. None of his skills must be maxed for him to function, although leveling his first and second skills in particular do help improve the offensive support he provides. 

  • Immature Scheme D – This skill inflicts Confusion (which does not scale with level) and decreased Buster Resist (which does scale with level). Although not first priority, leveling this skill does technically increase the damage output of any Buster allies against a single enemy, so this skill may be worth leveling. Leveling this skill to decrease its cooldown is not particularly helpful, however, as oftentimes Nobukatsu will be gone by the time the cooldown is recovered.
  • I Shall Die for the Heavens B – Leveling this skill gives the best return, since it improves the amount of stars per turn he generates, as well as substantially boosting the Crit Damage / Star Gather bonus provided to Nobunaga allies (Crit damage in particular, increases from 30% to 80% at max level!). If planning to utilize Nobukatsu with a Nobunaga ally, this skill should be prioritized.
  • War-torn Flower C – This skill is likely the lowest priority; this is Nobukatsu’s Taunt skill, and the NP Gain when taking damage effect and HP restoration on death are what scales with level. These don’t affect his offensive support, and due to his low HP pool, he may actually be liable to die in a single turn if he has Taunt active (especially if Crits are involved), making this skill not as useful for him.

Craft Essence Recommendation

Nobukatsu needs help filling his NP Gauge, so Starting NP Gauge CEs are particularly helpful for him. Aside from that, to help boost his supportive capacity, various supportive CEs that provide Buster Buffs to Allies, or On-Death effects work well on him.

  • Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element: These provide pure starting NP Gauge for Oda Nobukatsu, which helps him get his NP up as quickly as possible.
  • Ox-Demon King: This CE provides a small Buster buff to all allies when he enters the field, which further helps improve ally damage output.
  • The Merciless One / Battle of Camlann: These CEs will increase all allies’ NP Gauge when Nobukatsu is defeated, which includes when he sacrifices himself with his NP, and stacks on top of the 20% NP Gauge he provides.
  • 500-Year Obsession: This is an On-Death CE that instead inflicts a debuff (NP Seal and Curse) on the enemy, which is situational, but if applicable, would be a good idea to place on Nobukatsu so it can be activated at will via his NP.

Gameplay Tips

Nobukatsu can also be used effectively with Arash (or two of him) to gain multiple Order Changes within the party (self killing Servants galore). Chaining Nobukatsu’s NP with Arash’s further boosts Stella’s damage as well, not only via the Buster buff, but also through Arash’s overcharge effect. If Arash is granted a Guts effect either via a CE or Support, he can unleash multiple NPs with the assistance of NP charge support enabled through the Order Change that Nobukatsu provides. A 2x Arash + 1x Nobukatsu team with an ally-targetable Guts (Quetzalcoatl, Nero Caster, Nightingale Santa, Romulus, among others) can get three Stellas off with a few NP Gauge support Servants available.

Table of Contents

Other Info

Release Date 9/14/2022
Country/Place of Origin Japan
Illustrator pako
Seiyuu (CV) Daiki Yamashita
Series Fate/Grand Order




Character Info

The younger brother of Oda Nobunaga, the famed conqueror of the Sengoku period. History says little about him, save that he was Oda Nobunaga's younger brother, and so his Spirit Origin is frail and weak.

Normally he would never have been summonable as a Heroic Spirit, but for one reason or another, he managed to gain a Spirit Origin and manifest.

Profile 1

Height/Weight: 164cm, 50kg
Origin: History
Region: Japan
Alignment: Chaotic-Good
Gender: Male
"Whaaa...!? Sister!?"

Profile 2

Unlike Nobunaga, who was nicknamed the Fool of Owari, Nobukatsu was known to be intelligent even in his youth, and his mother, Dota Gozen, adored him. It was believed that he would be the next head of the Oda family. Nobukatsu eventually came to believe that he was the true heir of the Oda family, so he rallied retainers who were loyal to him and rebelled against Nobunaga. However his twice-attempted rebellions both ended in failure, and Nobunaga eventually killed Nobukatsu.

He is Nobunaga's younger brother, nothing more and nothing less than that. That is the entirety of Oda Nobukatsu's existence.

Profile 3

Nobukatsu is a very social young man. He was also quite talented as a military commander, but because his sister is so incredibly remarkable, he has no proper perspective on his own abilities. Nobunaga is everything to him, and he resents the age of the warring states that failed to recognize his sister's talents, so took action by manipulating everyone in the household he deemed to be obstacles to his sister in a ploy to purge them, along with himself. Hypothetically speaking, had these siblings been born as commoners instead of into a daimyo family, they might have been able to live more harmoniously with each other.

As a side note, upon Nobukatsu's manifestation, those mysterious mini personas that probably came from taking a tiny fragment of Nobunaga's Spirit Origin (or whatever the hell they are) may also be summoned as an option for Nobukatsu. According to Nobukatsu, it's just a newer model, so trying to look for the differences between it and the older models may be a good way to kill some time.

Profile 4

Immature Scheme: D
During his life, Nobukatsu attempted two rebellions. He gathered all the dissatisfied members of his clan, but both rebellions ended in failure. In truth, this was all just meant to lay the groundwork to make a certain person into the Demon King.

I Shall Die for the Heavens: B
His fanatical devotion that leads him to offer his life to turn his sister into the Demon King.

Adabana of War: C
An adabana, a flower of the times that bears no fruit even after it blossoms. Whether Nobukatsu's life was futile or not is something only his sister Nobunaga would know.

Profile 5

Unlocks after clearing GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku; Requires Bond Level 5.

Profile 6

Unlocks after clearing GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku; Requires Bond Level 5.

Voice Lines

Battle Start 1 Let's get rid of all Sister's enemies!
Battle Start 2 I will have Sister bear witness to my fighting!
Battle Start 3 Okay...l-let's do this...!
Skill 1 Grovel before Sister's prestige!
Skill 2 We need to get rid of everything in our way!
Skill 3 Sister's sake cup... (Cough, cough!)
Command Card 1 (Sigh) Understood.
Command Card 2 Hyah!?
Command Card 3 Fine.
Noble Phantasm Card 1 M-me!?
Noble Phantasm Card 2 Oh, why don't you ask Sister?
Noble Phantasm Card 3 Sister...
Attack 1 Here!
Attack 2 Please die!
Attack 3 Ei, ei!
Attack 4 All units, attack! Nobu!
Attack 5 I'm leaving the rest to you! Nobunobu! Nobah!?
Attack 6 Wah!
Extra Attack 1 Nobukatsu: Sister! Get them!
Nobunaga: Okay, set 'em off!
Extra Attack 2 Nobukatsu: Nobody will get in Sister's way!
Nobunaga: Just shut up already!
Extra Attack 3 Nobukatsu: Now's your chance, Sister! Ahahaha!
Nobunaga: This is not a laughing matter!
Noble Phantasm 1 Sister...Sister...!
Noble Phantasm 2 I leave the rest to you, Sister. Ahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHA!
Noble Phantasm 3 Everyone...just disappear... EveryoneeveryoneEVERYONE!!!
Damage 1 Wah wah wah wah!?
Damage 2 Crap!
Damage 3 SISTER!!!
Damage 4 Ack!
Incapacitated 1 I really was...incompetent...
Incapacitated 2 Sister...
Incapacitated 3 Why am I so stupid and useless...
Victory 1 Hahahaha! You should know what's coming if you try to oppose Sister!
Victory 2 (Sigh) If you can't beat me, why would you think you could beat Sister?
Victory 3 Well, your commanding may not hold a candle to Sister's, but it's not bad.
Level up 1 Sister! I've leveled up!
Level up 2 Go ahead and consult with Sister about important things, not me.
Ascension 1 To match Sister's swimsuit, I procured something for myself too. What do you think?
Ascension 2 Well, even if I went through some growth, Sister is still far beyond my reach. That's why it's futile to have any expectations for me.
Ascension 3 Is this me? I look like the version Sister even I never imagined existed.
I see. So I look like that Sister...
Ascension 4 Even a half-baked Heroic Spirit like me managed to reach this point, and it's all thanks to you. The past me would never have imagined living to see a future like this one.
Thank you...very much.
Bond Level 1 Please go away. You caring for me benefits nothing.
Bond Level 2 I keep telling you, if you have time to worry about me, you should concern yourself more with others. After all, I'm a good-for-nothing. Unlike Sister.
Bond Level 3 I'm not trying to flatter you, but I believe your commanding is amazing. Yes, really.
You lead numerous Heroic Spirits, and you command them to take down the many enemies that come before you.
I could never do something like that.
Bond Level 4 Huh. You really are an odd one.
You actively try to use even a second-rate Heroic Spirit like me once in a while. No, I'm not complaining, but I just can't believe you would do something so illogical. It's like...
N-no, never mind.
I don't think that would happen...
Bond Level 5 Okay, fine! I hope you know, you're the first person who has ever given me so much attention like this! You know what? I'm game. I'm warning you, though, that I have absolutely no idea how far I can go because I'm such an incomplete Servant!
Well then... Please continue to take care of me, Master...
Conversation 1 Come on, let's go out and slaughter everything that gets in Sister's way!
Yes, let's be thorough about it! Don't leave anything behind!
Conversation 2 I'm going to say this again: I have no intention of obeying anyone other than Sister. I hope there's no misunderstanding on that point. I may be a Servant, but I am first and foremost Sister's younger brother.
Conversation 3 I do appreciate that you have summoned me here as a Servant. After all, my Spirit Origin would never have been worthy to become a Servant under normal circumstances.
Conversation 4 (Oda Nobunaga) Sister and I are both Archers!?
W-wow. I never imagined I would be worthy to be the same class as Sister. Oh I know. That must be possible because Sister and I are related!
Eh? She's also a Berserker and Avenger, too!?
I-incredible, Sister...
Conversation 5 (Okita Souji, Okita J Souji) Hey you. Yes, you sickly-looking country bumpkin.
Please do not get too friendly with Sister. Someone like you isn't worthy to interact with her so casually...
Ack! Wh-why are you suddenly glaring at me!? I-I'm not scared of you!
Conversation 6 (Demon King Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga)) Oh crap! Sister the Avenger!? Sh-she's so cool!
So good. Do you think I could be an Avenger too?
Impossible? Ha. I know that.
There's no way someone like me could do what Sister does. You really don't get me, do you?
Conversation 7 (Demon King Nobunaga Ascension 1) That Sister? I'm a little apprehensive around her because she will do stuff like suddenly slap me on the back when I'm in the cafeteria...
Well, she does look like the Sister back when she was parading through the castle town, and I do feel Sister's presence...
But I just can't get used to her.
Conversation 8 (Demon King Nobunaga Ascension 3) That really big Sister is...a Sister I never saw in my lifetime...
I see. Sister became great...
My efforts and predictions were not wrong...
Conversation 9 (Oda Nobunaga (Berserker)) Sister's concert!? What is that!?
It's a meetup where Sister grabs a biwa and dances like mad!? Wh-what the heck is that!? Please take me there! And I request front-row seats, please! Huh? There's always plenty of tickets left over, so there's no need to worry?
Well you're not doing it right! Let me sell the tickets!
Conversation 10 (Mori Nagayoshi) Mori Nagayoshi? Oh, Yoshinari's son.
Why yes, Yoshinari was a surprisingly logical general who I was sure would have been useful to Sister. He didn't even fall for any of my sweet-talk.
Anyway! Quit patting my head like a child! Don't you know I'm Sister's younger brother!?
Conversation 11 (Chacha) Oh it's Sister's niece, Chacha. And upon closer inspection, I do see a resemblance to Sister. But she doesn't hold a candle to Sister, obviously.
Anyway, I'm going to take this ice cream.
Ack! I-I'm sorry. I-I'll be taking my leave now!
(Sigh) I guess she really is related to Sister...
Conversation 12 (Himiko) Himiko? She may be the queen of Yamataikoku, but what about her?
Well...I really can't put my finger on it, but...
Oh right. She was from that time...
Don't worry. Your younger brother is here. I promise.
Likes What I like?
Sister, of course.
Anything else, you ask? Well, I like whatever Sister likes.
Dislikes What I dislike?
I will not tolerate those who underestimate Sister. All who do so are utterly worthless. Don't you agree?
About the Holy Grail A Holy Grail that grants wishes? Then I would use it to annihilate everyone who ridicules Sister...
Oh, some other wish? Well I can't think of another in particular. But if it's possible, I would wish to play with Sister like we did in the past...
Never mind. Let's not talk about this anymore.
During an Event Is something happening?
Sister loved all the energy at festivals too. I know! Let's take this opportunity to go out. Sister may be there, too!
Birthday Oh? So it's your birthday?
On that note, I'd like to make a big spectacle for Sister's birthday...
I know, I know. I've also prepared something for your birthday.
Summon I am Oda Nobukatsu, the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga, head of the Oda Family.
I've come as an Archer Class.
Oh, I'll have you know that I have no intention of obeying anybody but Sister. Keep that in mind.
By the way, where is Sister?
Super Ancient Shinsengumi History - GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku 2022 1 Thank you for waiting, Sister!
Nobukatsu has prepared many refined Yayoi-period wares...
Hey, do you mind?
If there's something you want, just go ahead and take it.
Super Ancient Shinsengumi History - GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku 2022 2 Good to see you!
I collected all these wares myself by trading with a number of settlements. Pretty amazing, right?
What's that? As expected of Nobbu's younger brother? Don't be silly. If Sister were to do the task, she would have procured even more amazing things than I would ever have thought to collect.
Super Ancient Shinsengumi History - GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku 2022 3 You want this one? Fine, take it. I'm sure Sister wouldn't want it anyway.
Eh? Sister was collecting these? Th-then no! You can't have them!
Super Ancient Shinsengumi History - GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku 2022 4 Got it. You want to exchange for this. Then I'll take these to the other settlements.
(Sigh) It's not a glamorous job, but I guess I'm best suited for a job like this.
Super Ancient Shinsengumi History - GUDAGUDA Yamataikoku 2022 5 A Nobbu Point Card? What's that?
What!? It was a system that was in place at Sister's shop!?
T-tell me more! What the heck is a Sister Point!? I-I want them too!

Valentine's CE


Limited - Can only be summoned during certain events
Past Banners