Dmg Up

Monte Cristo Mythologie C
Decisive Battle Strengthening
Arms Mastery Retribution B
Charisma of Salvation A
Life's Blessing B+
Protector Knight Alliance A
Brink Shot C+++
Charisma of Adversity A
BF Super Summer EX
How's Your Progress? B
Charisma of Vice B-
Hanuman Howling EX
Wild Hunt A
Knight of the Red Branch B
Anti-Beast (ATK Up)
Jade Charisma A+
Xochiyaoyotl A
Combat Charisma A
One Who Has Seen All EX
Queen's Spirit Incense A
War Cry - Mount Liang EX
5-Coloured God Bull EX
"A Warrior but Literate" C
Priestess of the End C
True Summer's Ice Cream C
Empress's Charisma (Summer) EX
Midsummer Goddess B
Flower Blooming on a Summer Night D
Valkyrie-Style Group Combat B+
Homesick White Wolf EX
Great River Beast B
Open Door of Dreams EX
Holy Knight Emperor EX
Empire's Decline EX
Executive Order C
Sea Lily Charisma C
Rebel Charisma B-
Martha's Homecooking EX
Anti-Pretender (ATK Up)
Investiture in Depravity A
Glory to Palmyra A
Beach Crisis (Poseidon) EX
Summer Street! A
Majinken B++
Anti-Extra (ATK Up)
Anti-Saber/Rider (ATK Up)
Anti-Moon Cancer (ATK Up)
Anti-Lancer (ATK Up)
Anti-Archer (ATK Up)
Anti-Alter Ego (ATK Up)
Anti-Ruler (ATK Up)
Anti-Foreigner (ATK Up)
Anti-Berserker (ATK Up)
Anti-Avenger (ATK Up)
Anti-Saber (ATK Up)
Anti-Assassin (ATK Up)
Anti-Caster (ATK Up)
Anti-Rider (ATK Up)
Dragon Heart B
Charisma of Yearning B
Numeral of the Saint B
Divine King of the Burning Sands A
Charisma of the Sun EX
King's Singing Voice C
Rikutou Secret Technique, Rapid Change A
Strategies of the Six Secret Teachings EX
Strength of Mountains and Rivers A+
Soul of the Water Channels EX
Invincible Sword A
Shrine Maiden's Charisma B
Charisma of Hope B
Sadistic Streak A+
Throne of Quirinus EX
Illusionary Buff
Great Poet's Poem B
Monstrous Strength B+
Brink Shot C
Bell Rung by an Angel on the Holy Night EX
Majestic Triumphant Return EX
Devil's Sugar A
Knight of the Lion B
Nightless Charisma B
Great Monstrous Overrun EX
Conquering the Sea with Friends B++
Glory Gained on Foot A
Can't Be Helped A-
Anti-Evil (Unique) EX
Charisma of Rani B+
Anti-Spirit Combat B
Monstrous Strength EX
Intersection of Yin-Yang B
Sambista B
Demonic Nature of Oni (Protect) A
Queen's Discipline (Sea) A
Fallen Witch A+
Demonic Nature of Oni (Water) B
Servant Cheer! B
Charisma of Triumphant Return B
Frigid Charisma B
Beach Flower EX
Charisma B-
Demonic Nature of Oni B
Summer Catastrophe EX
Summer Sweeper! A
High Road of the Hot Sands A
Barely Loads C
Empress's Charisma A
Trash & Crush EX
Numeral of the Saint EX
Queen's Discipline A
Pirate's Honor C+
Monstrous Strength C
Icy Sneer A
Mechanized Armor 'EX'
Manifestation of Beauty B
Jaguar Kick B
Dreamlike Charisma A
Dragon Witch EX
Demonic Nature of Oni A
Evil Charisma A
Beach Flower B
Beach Flower A+
Buff All Allies
Instant Enhancement
Berserk A
Whim of the Goddess A (Stheno)
Sadistic Charisma A
Crest of the Star EX
Sadistic Streak A
Pirate's Glory B
Monstrous Strength B (Jekyll & Hyde)
Monstrous Strength B
Monstrous Strength C-
Monstrous Strength A
Monstrous Strength A+
Mechanized Armor EX
Flowers for the Earth A
Tactician's Command A+
Charisma E
Charisma C
Charisma C+
Charisma A
Charisma A+
Unyou B
Valor B
Valor A
Valor A+
Charisma B