Start Np

Watatsumi Shrine Gate A
Magic Circuit (Revolving) EX
Shakutenrin Jizai Zaifuza A
I am Asherah EX
Jewel of Fourteen A
Bloody Necklace B+
Reindeer Drive A
Patriot's Tactics B
Crimson Codex B
They Who Gaze Upon The Water Star A
Queen Keeper A
Schwipsig B+
Charity's End
Angelica Cathay C
Last Resort A
Summer Fae B
Bloodspring of Monsters A
Mahamaya EX
King's Return EX
Number of the Beast C
Cooking (Mushroom) B
We are the Feathered Serpent EX
Nahui Quiahuitl A
Black Sun EX
Underworld God's Judgment A
Malicious Feasts A
Greatest Banquet - Mount Liang EX
Flower Ring B
Oracle of Darkness B
Lost in Thought Late on a Summer's Night A+
Beach Apocalypse A+
Battle Maidens' Vow EX
Breath of the Planet C
The Legend of Xu Fu C
Svabhāva B
Avaricious Gold A
Revealer EX
Roll of the Dice EX
Taipingjing EX
Closed Book of Reality E
Demise Privilege C
Vision Quest A
For All Living Things A
Perfect Composition EX
Holy King Trưng EX
Sea God's Runes EX
Thought Keys EX
Berza Burko EX
Great White Snake of Takachiho A-
Overload Type II C+
Midsummer Sea Mara EX
Treasure Checker B
Rengoku B
Stage Magician Angel EX
Load Magical Energy
Innovator Bunny A
Morning Lark EX
Protection of the Lake C
Overnight Haori B
Onmyoudou (Buddhism) A
Flame EX
Little Gift
Hero of Benefaction (Holy Night) EX
Douman's Curse A++
Oracle of Light A
Divine Power (Ink) A
Divine Power (Ink) B+
Those Who Guide A
Legal Shower! B++
Divine Power (Ink) B
Conqueror's Princess EX
Protection of the Lake A
Hero of the Endowed A+
'Primordial Rune' (Brynhild)
Persistence B+
Voyager of the Stars A
Devote Thyself to One Purpose (Love) A
Mana Conversion
Star of Twilight A
Multiple Starling EX
Royal Bunny A
Divine Power (Ink) C
Gareth of the Beautiful Hands B
Dystychía Milo EX
Serpent Charmer B
Thriving Business A
Protection of World's End B
Emperor Xuan's Command A
Mara Pāpīyas EX
Chalice of Wealth B
God Child's Wish EX
Magecraft Removal A
Eternal Reign A
Great Vigor C
Kamuy Yukar A
Aura Pork Poculum A
Animal Communication D
Saint of the Shore (Dolphin) A+
Allfather's Wisdom B+
Light of Possibility B
Senchu Hassaku A
Persistence B
Shining Path EX
Rapid Casting B+
Schwipsig B
Familiar (Dove) D
Blessing of a Goddess A+
Gift of the Stars B
Overload Type II C
Chiyogami Technique EX
Summer Vacation! A+
Unblessed Birth B
Rampaging Privilege EX
Self-Transformation A
Shining Majestic Crown A
Protection of the Sun God A
Protection of World's End EX
Mana Tuning C
Knight of the Lake A
Kissing Freak B++
Kissing Freak B
Saint of the Shore B+
Rapid Sutra Chanting A
Rapid Words of Divine B
End of the Spider's Web A++
End of the Spider's Web A+++
Calm and Collected B
Belt of Bertilak EX
Quick Draw A+
Hero of the Endowed A
Uncrowned Arms Mastery
Spiritron Transfer
Rapid Casting A
Meanwhile A
Pioneer of the Stars EX
Animal Communication C
Rapid Casting E
Rapid Words of Divine A
King's Men C
Blood Fort Andromeda B
Arrow Construction A