Chapter Type
Mysterious Heroine X Interlude 2: Saber Slayer: Fierce Fight
Mysterious Heroine X Interlude: Saber Slayer: Dawn
Fionn mac Cumhaill Interlude: Fionn mac Cumhaill, The Hero who Defeated the Gods
Arjuna Interlude: The Real Worth of God's Bow
Beowulf Interlude 1: Grendel's Second Coming
Scathach Interlude 1: Kill Me If You Can
Tamamo no Mae Interlude 2: Nine-tailed Fox
Tamamo no Mae Interlude 1: E-Pal Wars
Francis Drake Interlude: Treasure Island
Sakata Kintoki Interlude: Kintoki's Bear Extermination on Mt. Ashigara
Tamamo Cat Interlude 1: Overflowing Wildness
Darius III Interlude 2: Two Great Rivals, End of the Wastelands
Darius III Interlude 1: Lord of the Destructive Storm
Caligula Interlude: Dimming Moonlight and My Precious
Spartacus Interlude: Gladiator Circus
Lu Bu Fengxian Interlude: Tiger and Wolf
Stheno Interlude 2: It's Really Not Impossible?
Stheno Interlude 1: It's Not Impossible?
Cursed Arm Hassan Interlude: Old Man of the Mountain
Sasaki Kojirou Interlude: REGEND OF THE SAMURAI
Cu Chulainn (Caster) Interlude: Sage of the Forest
Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II) Interlude 3: Truth of the Ascension
Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II) Interlude 1: Heroic Spirit Possession
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Interlude: Symphony of the Heroic Spirits
Saint Martha Interlude 2: The Desired Saint
Marie Antoinette Interlude 1: Queen of Lily and Emperor of Rose
Boudica Interlude: Once Upon a Time in the Forest...
Romulus Interlude: Guardian of Septem is Here
Leonidas Interlude: Leonidas Boot Camp
Musashibou Benkei Interlude: Destroyer Monk
Elisabeth Bathory Interlude: The New Elisa
Cu Chulainn Interlude: The Taboo
Euryale Interlude: From Me to my Sisters
Altera Interlude 2: My Memories
Gaius Julius Caesar Interlude: Nostalgic Merrits
Nero Claudius Interlude 3: No Matter How Many Times The End Comes
Nero Claudius Interlude 2: A Golden Business
Nero Claudius Interlude 1: First Sailing, Once Again
The Emperor
Signal to the Final Battle
Rescue Boudica
Hidden Fortress
Attack the United Empire
Rough Road
Secret of the Ancient God
Take Back Gaul!
God's Whip
The Trip Back Home
Wild Camp
Onward to Gaul
Burning Mountain
Eternal City
All Roads Lead to Rome
Windy Hill
Misty Forest
Smoldering Warzone
Rome's Horizon
Cave of the Goddess
An Ancient Harbor
Middle of the Plain
City of Flower
Exciting Land
Rome Was Not Built In A day
Queen of the Street
The Dark Forest
Alliance Capital
Shaped Isle
Mt. Etna
Appia Road