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A message from the FGO Lead

Dear reader,

Hopefully it has not gone unnoticed that lately we have been expanding our content more and more with the aim of covering both JP content and NA/Global content. A few months ago we recruited some more hands to help out, and as luck would have it, with some knowledge of the Japanese language to help out with translating Skills, NPs and so on. That has helped immensely for putting new Servants up on the site quickly.

Initially, we set out to do some first impressions, starting with the Case Files Servants back in April. Yet it felt off. You see, two of our team members maintain long-running Servant reviews of their own. Rabbit, who joined us in April, has done his Rabbit Reviews column on almost all (230+!) released Servants over on GameFAQs. Meanwhile, Rathilal, who maintains the MMM over on Reddit, has been a long-time member of the team who chips in occassionally with his views and the odd Servant Writeup. In fact, Rathilal has been part of the team longer than I have! 

So, when we did the first impressions, we ended up with a tiny piece of analysis, done by the same writers who would later go on to do their own Servant reviews just a few hours later. Around June we noticed that just wasn't a very smart thing to do. With Reddit and Gamefaqs both limited in terms of presenting information visually and keeping an archive of all their reviews, and with them having to spend a fair chunk of time writing up/explaining Skills and NPs all the time, I figured...why not ask them to put the MMM and Rabbit's Review up on the site to serve as JP Servant writeups instead? With not one, but two Servant analyses to work with, certainly you guys can figure out which Servant you want to roll for, and how to use them ahead of time. You can also compare and follow the type of analysis that you prefer most.

In addition, it finally allows us to provide a Servant analysis way ahead of time and one that has more personality in it than the group-consensus analyses that we provide ourselves (and will continue to do so). After all, perception can change a lot in the 2 year gap between JP release and NA/Global release.

Either way, I hope that you will enjoy these Servant Analyses, and that the move from GameFAQs or Reddit respectively isn't too much of an inconvenience. We really tried our hardest to make the new lay-outs for them as much of an upgrade as possible. 

Kind regards,

Sizzle, FGO Lead

Wait, so will GamePress affect the MMM or Rabbit's Review?

No. Not at all. In fact, I intend to not even provide a spelling or grammar check for Rathilal or Rabbit if I can help it. Their views are their own and their opinions stated are their own. Unlike our own reviews, who often have many hands in it, these reviews are theirs, and theirs alone. Altering what they do would no longer like make it the Rabbit's Reviews or MMM after all.

So, there will be no editorializing, no censoring, no discussion on content nor any tut-tuts. They are responsible for the content themselves.

The Modern Magus Magazine

"Hello, one and all, and welcome to the Modern Magus Magazine - where the Seals of Approval are made up and the Recommendations don’t matter. This will be the first issue of my humble critically opinionistic analysis of new servants added to the JP server of Fate/Grand Order to be published on Gamepress’s site, so hopefully I will be greeting both my regular readers and some newcomers. 

The format is very simple - I look at the new servants, talk about them, tell you what I think is good or bad (and it’s usually right, wouldn’t be a worthwhile thing to read if not), then put fake awards on them to tell lazy skim-readers if they’re worth rolling for. Don’t worry about doing that last part. I do it with most content in the world, so I won’t blame you for doing the same.

With no further ado, we have a handful of girls from the first gacha and our event Welfare to discuss, so I’ll get right into the…’titular’ brass tacks."

Rabbits's Reviews

“Welcome to Rabbit’s Reviews! I’ve been posting these servant analyses on GameFAQs for the past few years, but as of now I’m migrating over to Gamepress!

For those of you who happen to be new to my column, the goal of these reviews is to break down how each new servant works and how strong (or not) they are relative to their competition. Each review goes through a servant’s kit piece-by-piece, analyzing what each part does, how it’s supposed to work in context, and how effective it is at doing its job. Towards the bottom of each review you’ll find some (usually brief) usage tips, typically focusing on possible team comps and good CE choices for the servant in question.

I also end every review with a set of arbitrary numerical ratings, which are meant to serve primarily as an at-a-glance overview of how good a servant is at doing various things. These are ultimately just general impressions, so don’t read too much into them. The real meat of the review comes in the actual text.

Hope you all enjoy!”

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