Christmas 2018 Q&A

Article by Hakurai
Christmas 2018 Q&A


It's time for the second coming of Christmas! I, Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily of the Lancer Class will be taking the role of Santa this year! Rejoice, for I am your welfare Christmas servant! Wow, that's a long name. Santa Lily works fine!

Isn't there another month until Christmas? Besides, aren't you a bit young to be running the Christmas event? How about letting big sister Ishtar help you out?

No! I need to prove to my teacher that I know the true meaning of Christmas! It's an eternal state of mind - long after the event, in the middle of summer, I will still be wearing this outfit. By the way, is that other servant on your picture another big sister?

That's just my evil twin. Don't pay her any mind. Well, since you're so excited let's go over your plans, shall we?


The first order of business as a Fate/Grand Order Santa is running the Lottery! Masters everywhere look forward to unlimited EXP and Mana prisms, amongst other things.

Oh hey, the Event Craft Essence you buy from the shop has an older version of you on it. It looks pretty strong at Max Limit Break, with 50% Starting NP Gauge and 15% NP and Crit Damage. It reminds me of a stronger Guda-O--

Freeze! This is the Power Creep Police! How could you power creep our event CE? I thought Christmas was a time of giving!

Well said! As punishment, we'll be taking over this event! You can't be power creeped if you are the power creep!

What? Lily is pleased by how strong I will become, but displeased by this hostile takeover.

Don't you guys get another Guda Guda event next year?

Ooh, you're right!

You'll see! We'll come out with even better CE's! For now, take this as a warning shot--


Oh no! That was an accident! Let's run, Okita!

They shot the lottery bag! Quick, we need to farm Miracle Stockings to patch things up so the lottery can run!

Aren't these just the same as last year?

They're called Miracle Stockings, not Magic Stockings. They're also white, not red. Exchange rates are the same, though.

Well, it looks like your CE, Holy Night Supper, adds +1 to Miracle Stocking drops. I guess we should equip as many of these as possible. But what's the incentive to farm for them this year?

You can obtain the great Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily from the lottery!

So you mean I just need to roll through 5 boxes to get all your copies?

Kinda! The first four boxes provide Gilles Dolls, which are my ascension items. Aren't they totally cute?

The fifth box contains a Silver Exchange Ticket - this can be used to trade for me at the shop!

R-right. Very cute... But where do the other copies of you come from?

Getting Buche deNoels! See those log cake looking things? Every lottery box has five of them. Coincidentally, each copy of me costs five of them. So don't spend them on Demon Hearts until you finish getting all other copies of me! Also, you can only exchange them for me after getting the Silver Ticket from the 5th box. I know it's difficult, but you can exercise self control for me, right?

It looks like a good idea to reset the box only after you get all the buche de noels and Golden Apples - not only is this the fastest way to get Santa Lily, but Apples don't restock after the 6th box.

Apples? You mean Fruit, right?

Event Shop

Next order of business is the shop! A good Santa needs to make sure that the shop is well stocked with useful things. Let's see what we have… the Event CE, monuments/pieces, EXP, Feathers, all the usual suspects. There's Demon Hearts as well, but they cost Buche de Noels.

Why do all the other currencies look so similar? There's Fruitcake, Shortcake, and Cheesecake, but they're all pretty much the same shape and color!

It's the spirit of Christmas, obviously! Christmas means eating good food, and these are the best of the best food! Unlike the regifted fruitcakes, this fruitcake is made with fresh fruit, cream, and sponge cake! Perfect for giving to Santa in exchange for materials.

So the fastest way to collect the shop currency is to bring the Event Gacha CE's, right?

Well, this time we also have Bonus Servants as well! Hah, it looks like you're not such a useless goddess after all. You, me, and teacher Amakusa give bonuses to Fruitcakes. Each bonus servant gives +1 to their respective currency.

So which Craft Essences give bonuses to what?

Well, first up we have A Moment of Tranquility, which boosts Quick, Arts, and NP gain by 10%. It's not bad on arts/quick hybrid servants, but more importantly it also boosts Fruitcake drops by +1.

Oh look, it's Waver. Looks like he never gets a break, even as a Craft Essence.

Reading on the Holy Night isn't too bad - NP Generation and Damage up by 15% works pretty nicely together, especially on servants who can take advantage of fast NP Gain. It also grants +1 to Shortcake drops.
And lastly we have a holy man, Georgios, with Saint's Invitation. The effects seem pretty weak with a low damage cut and defense buff, but it does give +1 to Cheesecake Drops, while being easy to limit break.

Excellent! With these bonuses and craft essences I will be able to eat as much cake as I want!

Think of all the calories, though! You need 300 slices of fruitcake just to get two copies of the Event CE. That's way too much for just a day!

You're right! Maybe I should share one slice, maybe two… That's the spirit of Christmas, right?

New Servants

As Santa Lily, I am the first Lancer class event reward servant. Not only do I have a small NP battery, but also a Buster buff/Invincibility just like my older self. Overall, I'm pretty good for farming! Next up, let's talk about Ishtar. What do you have to do with Christmas again?

Well, as Ishtar I am a pretty good AoE farming archer, with a Buster Overcharge on NP, two different Attack buffs, and up to 50% NP gauge.

But your Invincibility is chance-based. I guess you might be a useless goddess after all…

It's not like that! 80% is totally reasonable! I guess if you lend me Ozymandias I'll be able to get it for sure…

So the question is, should you roll in this gacha?

Well given how my host has been described as "The Face of Fate" before, I'd say it's worth it just for my presence alone. Remember to roll responsibly, though.

How about your "evil twin?"

Uh, we don't talk about her. Not until next year. Nope. Not at all. It's not like she'll become more popular than me or anything.

Event Schedule

Without further ado, let's run through the story!

I can't let you do that, though. In the spirit of allowing people to spend more time with their family, the story quests are time-locked to each day.

Well, I can at least go farming right? All that matters is getting the event reward servant, so I'll just--

Well, technically the last three difficulties are require the 3rd, 5th, and 7th Night of the Story Quests to be unlocked, so they're also kinda time gated as well… They also happen to be the most efficient place to farm. Have fun, I guess! For more in-depth guides, check below.

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