MMM - Illusory Insectoid Invoked Invents Industrial Inhuman Instruments In Inspired Implementation (Kashin Koji)

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Well, that content drought ended faster than expected. And with a lotto event, too!

I suppose maybe the great first-quarter drought we’ve been used to by now isn’t so bad this year. Then again, it isn’t the first quarter anymore.

In any case, we’ve got a return of the Ninja Warrior ripoff-style event, this time with actual ninjas, who would’ve thought. And the Prilya crew are involved too. Because you can’t have a fatal death game televised for entertainment without underage girls, too.

Kashin Koji Banner
NA Release Date: 05/2025

You know Naruto is a cultural icon at this point when it’s easier to find info on a character’s Naruto expie than their actual historical figure. All-around mysterious sorcerer figure in Japanese folklore, skilled in the art of illusions, and maker of Karakuri (at least, in the Fate lore), huh?

An effective bait to make me spend my Quartz right before Summer and a story chapter, but don’t you know?

Genjutsu of that level doesn’t work on me!

Servant Data
Presence Concealment A

Increase your Critical Star Drop Rate by 10%.

Karakuri Creation EX

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 6%.
Increase own Quick Card effectiveness by 6%.

Mental Restructuring EX

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.
Increase your Debuff Resist by 10%.


As a 5* Assassin, Koji doesn’t exactly have the greatest class to work with for base stats, but hey, you play the hand you’re dealt with.

With the 4th highest Attack and tied lowest HP of her class and rarity, Koji is cleanly focused on offense, though not to a particularly amazing extent, and pays for it in durability. While obviously it’d be preferable to have even more attack, concessions have to be made when you’re slapped with the Japanese Servant parameter penalty.

…one that Shuten, the Assassin with the best Attack, miraculously dodged. Oni are just broken like that.

Koji gets even more in her favor on the passive side of things. While Presence Concealment is a class staple, increasing her high stargen even further, she also has two unique passives - Karakuri Creation and Mental Restructuring, providing a very useful array of buffs, including Quick and Critical Damage boosts, as well as an improvement to her consistency in both applying and avoiding debuffs.

As a result, Koji is working with a very solid set of baseline stats, with an offensive presence few Assassins can match.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how’s Koji on the whole? Well on one hand, she’s starting you down with her Doujutsu, casting a Genjutsu to make you think she’s the best Servant around:

As I’ve already established, Koji is a solid farmer. She can handle class advantage nodes with relative ease in 50% gauge CE setups, and if you’re resolute on using her for it, she can also do something resembling universal farming with Black Grail, though the setup is fairly fragile on refund and high investment. With the addition of her potentially high damage peaks and Instant Death on her NP to perhaps carry her where damage can’t, she isn’t too bad an option for a farming Assassin.

Koji has a pretty decent profile for high-difficulty content. Access to Stun-like effects on AOE NPs is rare, especially with the high application rate and refund that Koji has access to in her own NP. Add in her solid team support from her Invincible buff, and the overall utility of her high stargen and Binding debuffs, and she’s got plenty to make her desirable as a damage dealer in the game’s greater challenges.

However, that’s ultimately a trick, and reality paints a grimmer picture:

While Koji is a good farmer overall, in comparison to more budget farming options or the better universal farmers out there, she’s fairly outclassed. Grey and the Summer Valkyries are welfare farming Assassins with a similar investment demand for their optimal farming setups, while other high-rarity Assassins like Tezcatlipoca and Huyan Zhou perform similarly, if not significantly better.

At this point it’s almost routine, but Koji is yet another member of the Servants who are capable farmers, but primarily in their class advantage, even if they’re technically capable of universal farming with a high investment setup. That doesn’t make her bad by any means, but simply not particularly stand-out compared to the rest of FGO’s continually expanding Servant roster.

What she does have to her credit, though, is her pretty impressive performance in more difficult content. Stun/Charm/Binding tied to NP’s are incredibly useful in a number of scenarios, especially when you have NP refund and overall NP gain as good as Koji’s. Add in her small selection of team support tools and she makes any team more resilient, while still providing a scary degree of offense if she’s supported properly.

So while she may not be that exceptional on the farming front, she is capable, and combined with her pretty fun strategy to be deployed in difficult content, she proves an interesting Servant to use, if nothing else. Rath™ Seal of Approval.


An unexpected event, given how close we are to an exciting new set of story chapters and game mechanics to come with, but a welcome one. Compared to most, I’ve never been a hardcore lotto event grinder, but I always appreciate the sudden rejuvenation to my ascension materials and QP supplies, regardless if the Servants involved are worth my interest.

Now, if I could actually learn to organize my present box so it doesn’t overflow in the first week of such events…well, then I would really be living in an illusion. Until next time!

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