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Article by NorseFTX

Event Period

4/25/2021 21:00 - 5/9/2021 20:59 PST

Unlock Requirements

  • Clear Fuyuki to claim login bonuses!
  • Clear Lostbelt No.3 -INTRO- to participate in the upcoming collaboration event!
  • Note Pseudosingularities I-IV do not need to be cleared.

Login Bonus

  • Log in during the pre-release campaign to receive up to 7x Golden Fruit (AP Recovery Item)!
  • Requirements: Clear Fuyuki (by 5/1/2021 20:59 PST)
  • Period: 4/25/2021 21:00 - 5/2/2021 20:59 PST
  • * No streak is required to continue receiving login rewards, although if there are not enough days remaining in the campaign and certain days were skipped, then it is possible to be unable to receive all rewards.
# Logins Login Reward
1 Golden Fruit x1
2 Golden Fruit x1
3 Golden Fruit x1
4 Golden Fruit x1
5 Golden Fruit x1
6 Golden Fruit x1
7 Golden Fruit x1

New "My Room" Limited Background

  • A new limited time "My Room" background will be available during the campaign period!
  • Period: 4/29/2021 21:00 - 5/9/2021 20:59 PST

Upcoming Event Servant Bonuses

  • To help Masters prepare for the upcoming event, the below Servants will provide a bonus for the event! All event bonus Servants will receive a damage bonus during event quests, and some also will gain additional bonus Bond EXP.
  • Masters can power up any Event Bonus Servants they own beforehand to have some extra firepower ready for the event!
Class Servants Event Bonus
Gold Saber Buff_Damage +50%
Buff_BondGold +20%
Gold Archer
Gold Rider
Gold Caster
Gold Assassin
Gold Lancer Buff_Damage +30%
Gold Caster
Gold Assassin
Gold Berserker
Gold Avenger

2x Super / Great Success for Bonus Servants

  • The chance of Super Success (2x EXP) and Great Success (3x EXP) will be doubled during the campaign period ONLY for bonus Servants listed below!
  • Period: 4/25/2021 21:00 - 5/9/2021 20:59 PST
Event Bonus Servants with 2x Super/Great Success
Event Bonus Servants

2x Friend Points for Bonus Servants

  • Selecting Event Bonus Servants from Friend Supports will also provide doubled Friend Points during the campaign (not applicable to NPC Servants)!
  • Period: 4/25/2021 21:00 - 5/9/2021 20:59 PST
Event Bonus Servants with 2x Friend Points (Same as above list)

All EXP / Class Dailies Available

  • All EXP (Ember) dailies will be available at once for a limited time!
  • All Class (Training Ground) dailies will also be available at once for a limited time!
  • Period: 4/25/2021 21:00 - 5/9/2021 20:59 PST

1/2 AP 4th Singularity Free Quests

  • The below Quests will have discounted AP costs for a limited time!
  • 1/2 AP Quests:
    • Fourth Singularity (London) Free Quests (First Clear ONLY)
    • Period: 4/25/2021 21:00 - 5/9/2021 20:59 PST
    • * Note First Clear only applies to Free Quests where Saint Quartz rewards have not yet been obtained. AP will return to normal cost if the Free Quest first clear reward has already been claimed.

Featured Servants

Will be available in the general summoning pool after the summoning period ends

Summoning Campaign

Date Daily Rate Up Servant Other / CE Rate-Ups
4/25/2021 21:00 - 5/9/2021 20:59 PST N/A
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