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Article by Hakurai

London, the much anticipated 4th Singularity in Fate/Grand Order NA, is finally here! GamePress has invited London Singularity Stars Mordred and Jekyll to help answer some questions you may have about the London expansion.


What is this cloudiness overwhelming my senses? Oh, how my body trembles! I fear myself gradually losing--

Yo! Jekyll, what’s up?

*Cough* Ack! Asthma attack!

Sucks to your ass-mar, Great Detective Mordred has got a case to solve, so come on out, ya wimp! I have been summoned to figure out why our house has mysteriously become so foggy! The perpetrator could be anyone, even me! As famous detectives always do, let’s start off with our list of suspects. Who else is leasing this flat?

Well, first off we have Paracelsus. Skillwise, his design is pretty similar to Medea with Rapid Casting A, and even offers a teamwide Arts boost through Elemental A+! However, unlike his contributions to alchemy, including a Philosopher’s Stone that grants an ally guts for 3 turns, his Noble Phantasm and NP gain are quite weak.


Alchemy, huh? Well, that might be the reason for this fog. It might even be magical! The next suspect we have is Charles Babbage, also known as the King of Steam. Steam is fog, so it’s gotta be him!


Well, Babbage is pretty much a saber in cardset, with great NP Gain and skills but lackluster Attack. His Singlemindedness allows him to increase his NP gain for a turn and draw stars to him, while Mechanized Armor grants him both invincibility and an attack buff. If he Overloads, he can increase his NP damage but burns himself for 5 turns.

Ah! So he’s one of those M types! It looks like next we have Frankenstein. Could she be steam powered?


Actually, she’s not Frankenstein, but Frankenstein’s monster. Of course--

Jekyll? Shut up with the nerd facts and get to her profile already!

Ok, ok. Frankenstein is one of the premier AoE berserkers, with better NP gain than Lancelot, bolstered further by Galvanism. She can stun people with her Grief of a Hollow Lifeform, and like Babbage, Overload herself for even more damage on her NP on top of a higher-than-usual base modifier, at the cost of a self-stun.

All these overload servants, could they be the culprit? Hold up, there appears to be another user of Galvanism, Nikola Tesla!


Ah, yes, Tesla. A solid archer, described as a “Budget Gilgamesh" due to the trait bonuses on his electrifying (possibly stunning) NP. His Natural Genius allows him to be right at least 80% of the time, possibly granting him a defense and NP damage buff, as well as guaranteed guts for trying. Like Drake, Pioneer of the Stars grants him NP charge, invulnerability pierce, and 10 stars. His only downside is his lack of self-sufficiency with crits and consistent offensive buffs, the latter of which is fixed in a future strengthening quest.

Wait, wait, wait! Who is this Edgy Stacked Armor Father? She looks different from my normal father...


Lancer Artoria Alter is one of the strongest 4 star lancers. Although she shares Charisma E and Mana Burst A+ with Saber Alter, she is also a crit monster with Blessings from the End of the World. This skill provides the effects of instinct, star draw, and crit damage buffs, all on one button.

Huh, so that’s it for people in general. Wait, what about you, Jekyll?


I-I’m just your ordinary servant, assassin class. I have Monstrous Strength which increases my attack by a small amount, when I’m scared my Voice of Panic might stun someone, and I also have Self Modification for nominal critical damage.

That sounds pretty weak, not gonna lie.

W-wait! If I let my inner darkness take over me, then I become one of the best berserkers in the game! I recover all HP, gain permanent Buster up, my HP almost doubles, and my skills become much stronger! This power, it comes at the cost of my humanity. Do you think you can live with the consequences, Mordred?

Well, you might be kind of cute as a weak beansprout though. The next possible culprit is Mordred. Hey, that’s me!


Yep, true to your origin, you’re a Saberface with pretty much the same skills as Ar--

Dear Father issues intensify

-Blue Saber, save for your unique skill, Secret of Pedigree, which cleanses your debuffs, grants you up to 50% defense for a turn, and gives up to 30% NP charge. Additionally, your hate literally makes your NP deal extra damage against any variation of your father.

Sweet! Wait, aren’t there two more suspects?

Yes. Tamamo no Mae and Jack the Ripper are now permanently available with the release of London.

Now that we got suspects out of the way, we can start exploring! Say, how strong do we need to be in order to clear the story?

Well, enemies in London typically consist of Lancers, Sabers, Casters, and Assassins. As a strong Saber, you will have a decent advantage here.

And you’ll get rekt by those flying books! Haha!

So long as we’re at least level 50 minimum, we should be able to clear everything. I hear there’s a boss at the end weak to Cavalry and resistant to Knight classes, so I’ll just quietly wait for the tables to turn.

So I just realized we need weapons. I got my Clarent Blood Arthur, but I don’t think you can fend off monsters with that tiny pocket knife of yours. Let’s check out the Craft Essence closet… ah. Who’s this old man?

500 year dedication

Zouken Matou, on the CE 500 Years Obsession. Yeah, he’s kind of a jerk because he only works when you die. Plus, NP seal for two turns plus 10 turns of curse might be niche, unless you're dying to an NP spamming enemy.

Oh! I know this next guy! He was a good friend of mine…


Necromancy. Your previous master Kairi Sisigou has a 50% chance to revive you with 500 HP. Limit breaking it only increases the revive HP to 1000. The effect can trigger multiple times, but is predetermined at the start of the battle. This makes it inconsistent, but it is a common strategy for multiple attempts with low level servants.

Hey! Well, maybe this next CE is better?

awaken will

This is Awakened Determination, which gives you a 60% chance to gain 12% NP per turn, at the cost of 500 HP each time regardless. This is kind of like a budget Prisma Cosmos, with an average of 7.2% NP per turn with a small HP drain downside. Limit breaking brings the average NP per turn to 9%, edging it out slightly against Prisma Cosmos but still with a downside.

That might be almost useful for you? But look at this Clock Tower! Maybe you could swing it at people?

clock tower

Well, it’s a super budget Prisma Cosmos, at 2% NP per turn, and 3% limit broken. It’s nowhere near as good, but will work ok if you don’t have the cost-space on your team.

You might be ill-equipped to fight steam-making monsters, but I’ll admit you know some things. Not because I’m not sure what comes next, but as a chance for you to demonstrate leadership skills, let’s have you lead the next step!

Well, we can look for evidence through monster drops. Homunculus Babies are finally able to be farmed and can be found at Southwark. Likewise, Eternal Gears can be farmed as well, and can be found at Clerkenwell. Lastly, maybe we can find some Forbidden Pages at Hyde Park.

Hyde Park… Wait, Hyde… It all makes sense now! Come with me, to your room!

What? O-Ok…

It wasn’t easy, but none can get past Great Detective Mordred! I was in a dead end, until you mentioned Hyde Park. Now, there are 4 letters in Hyde. You know what that means? There’s also four letters in “door”. When we woke up, usually all the doors are closed, but someone always leaves their door open. And that person, is you, Jekyll! Upon entering your room, we see this “Steam King” Humidifier made by Babbage, cranked on all the way to high! That’s what caused all the fog in our house and surrounding streets! What do you have to say about yourself?

My asthma, though! I just wanted it to die... Die! Die!!! AH HAHAHA. *cough* AH *cough cough* HA *cough* (Help I can’t breathe)

You okay, buddy?

Yeah, I think so now.

All right, another case closed for the Great Detective Mordred! If you have any other questions, check out the guides below!

Fourth Singularity: The Mist City London

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