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Article by Hakurai
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I’m not sure if Rayshifting to singularities for part time jobs is allowed at Chaldea, but you’ll keep this secret, right Mash?

Y-yes, Senpai… But what exactly are we doing here?

I’m the current manager of the Ogawa Apartment Complex! After some… unfortunate business with the previous manager, they’ll promised to pay me enough to roll Jeanne Alter. Recently there’s been some noise and nuisance complaints, so let’s get down to business!

**Arrives at first door**

Listen up, busters! Per building policy, this is your eviction notice! Of course, bribes will be accepted.

Senpai, that’s breaking and entering! Aren’t you supposed to knock first?

Mash, my poor, misunderstanding, demi-servant, it’s all about the greater good!

Greater good? I’m the greatest good that wi-- oops we’re not at that singularity yet. Wait!

Hey, this door is locked! You think that’ll stop me with my manager approved sledgehammer? **CRACK** Hey! This door broke my sledgehammer!

Da Vinci says there are bounded fields all over the complex. She thinks that we can get around it by doing certain things!

Finally! Now str-

W-what? No, not that. It’s more like Master Missions! And apparently we get rewards from completing them as well!

Looting the apartment complex? I’m proud that you’re coming around to my side, Mash.

… These missions can be found near the upper right shop screen options. It looks like we need to defeat a certain amount of enemies before we can progress to some places. I hope you like eating apples...

Farming? Bah, wasting AP normally is for chumps! You gotta work smarter, not harder, Mash. Check out these CE’s that puppeteer lady sold me! They’re charmed to increase the spawn rate of monsters!

Why would you want that?

Aside from providing us with property damage amnesty, it allows us to both get more material drops and meet kill quest quotas faster. Fortunately, that lady also gave us instructions on the corresponding enemy spawns. Using these CE’s is farming of the future! That, and I’ve invested some of my precious paycheck into this, don’t shame me!

Wow, this time there’s four different event CE’s!

This CE has a cute girl on it! “Decapitating Bunny 2018”: increase Vengeful Spirit spawns by 25%, 8% Quick up, Ignore Invincibility! Since Invincibility Pierce isn’t always helpful, isn’t this almost like an expensive Verdant Black Key? What ever could this bunny girl have done to upset vengeful spirits?

The next CE seems a bit more technical. “Threefold Barrier”. That seems like overkill. It seems that it provides you with a strong three-time 1000 damage reduction, and also increases Base Model spawns by 25%. This works nicely as a budget version of the future CE Volumen Hydrargyrum, granting greater survivability by almost negating most standard enemy attacks.

Ah! This girl… have I seen her before? Anyways, this CE is called, “Summer’s Precognition.” It increases the spawn rate of Corpses by 25%, grants a 1-time evade, and increases Critical Star generation by 15%. It’s 10% less than Be Elegant, but still effective on a switch-in star generating servant.

Senpai, why does this “Chorus” CE boost both Mansion Ghosts and Skeletons?

Mash, the hardest questions are the ones we ask ourselves. Like how Rin Tohsaka stays magically toasty during the winter. But this doesn’t look like an Unhappy Refrain; look at this wholesome family! Refrain provides Critical Star draw 300% and debuff resistance 15% for three turns, which helps average critical weight servants... for 3 turns. Then it’s just good for increasing Mansion Ghost and Skeleton spawns by 25%.

Senpai look! This lady just broke through the entrance!

Hey! Hey! This is private property! No trespassing! As the manager it’s my job to ensure the safety of this apartment’s occupants' valuables.

Are you here to help me evict people?

Well, why didn’t you tell us earlier? Come on, let’s go bust some ghosts!

Da Vinci’s telling me that this lady is manifesting as a servant.  Her name is Shiki Ryougi, from the Garden of Sinners.  From her skillset, it looks like she’s an arts-based assassin, with good generation stats/crit damage bolstered with the NP prop Ying Yang, good survivability through Mind’s Eye (False), and a strong instant-kill, defense ignoring, Arts NP.  Her signature skill, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception not only boosts arts performance, but increases the chance of instant-kill and pierces invulnerability, allowing her to hit most anything.  It really does seem like she can kill servants!  Overall, a very solid servant herself, and she joins us for free!    

Welcome aboard! Let’s force feed you some embers, and get going-- wait why is there another one of you?

This is also Shiki Ryougi, but [Shiki Ryougi], or “Void Shiki” instead. As opposed to generating stars, Void Shiki has strong self-heals through Ying Yang, additional attack up through Cloudshine, and AoE Instant kill potential as a Saber class servant. Similar to her assassin form, she possesses an AoE version of Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, including the invulnerability pierce as well! However, her base attack is relatively low compared to other Sabers.

Well, one is great, but two’s a twos-- wait, is Void Shiki gacha only?

> Lie to dearest Senpai to spare her feelings

> Tell the truth and crush your dearest Senpai’s fragile dreams and psyche

> Distract dearest Senpai with the gacha

But that’s not all that’s in the gacha! This time, we have not three, but SIX different Gacha CE’s! Um, you know, to make your farming even better! Yeah! Farming of the future, right?

What? No! I gotta pay money for these CEs! That lowers the chance of me getting a certain CE, with more spooks than ghosts in the apartment! Well, are they at least good?

There’s a pair of CE’s for each rarity! Let’s start with the SSR CEs, both of which boost Black Cat Figurine drops by 1! “Mature Gentleman” grants 60% instant death resist. Because Instant Death bosses are uncommon, this CE is rather niche due to the lack of additional universal effects.

This lady! The one that sold me the other CEs, her! She gets her own CE as well? Hm… “Grand Puppeteer”: three turns of 15% arts up is OK, but the 50% starting NP really saves the CE! For farming purposes, I can just charge up someone’s NP on turn one and make the most of the art effects! It doesn’t have a chance to become useless if you finish the quest in 3 turns.

Senpai, how about the 4 star CE’s, “Vivid Dance of Fists” and “Mystic Eyes of Distortion”? Both increase the Strawberry Ice Cream drops by 1. “Vivid Dance of Fists” adds a flat 800 damage to your attacks. This may be good for certain high defense challenge quests, but overall scales poorly compared to other offensive buffs.

“Mystic Eyes of Distortion”, hm? 5% more buster than Verdant Sound of Destruction doesn’t seem worth a 15% defense demerit, at least for those darned challenged quests. I suppose it’s ok for farming as a budget version of Limited / Zero Over.

Last but not least, we have the 3 star CEs. Both of these boost water bottle drops by 1. Remember to stay hydrated while farming! This stylishly dressed man brings us “Repeat Magic”. True to its name, it’s like a budget version of Little Halloween Devil. The effects are a bit on the lower side, but as a far as budget CE options go, it’s very universally applicable!

And next we have this worthless looking sprinter aspirant. Although thematic, the Quick boost is lower than a Verdant Black Key, while the secondary debuff resistance is negligible. If I didn’t spend money to get this, I’d call it worthless. Or is that part of the theme, too?

Well, the main reason for using these CE’s is for farming, right? If you have two limit broken spawn CE’s, that reaches the maximum cap of 100% spawn increase. Then the rest of the servants can ideally use Gacha CE’s in order to maximize the total number of drops. Looks like the farming of the future is looking brighter, Senpai!

What? I refuse to yield to these capitalist gimmicks! By the way, Mash, what are the best farming spots? You know, for a friend.

Senpai, I’m your only friend here.

What? No, I have Shiki! Shiki, you’re my friend, right?

See? It’s because, you know, we gotta get her to NP5 as soon as possible.

Senpai, you get more copies of Shiki from doing the missions.  But I’ll make an exception for you.  The best farming spots are:

  • Black Cat Figurines: Parking Lot.  Also notable that 1 Rapunzel is guaranteed to spawn here, and you need to kill 20 to obtain a copy of Shiki.  

  • Strawberry Ice Cream: Room 702.  

  • Water Bottles: Room 603.  

Great. Let’s go, Shiki! We’ve got some tenants to evict! Mash, I’m leaving you to give me a report on the fastest and easiest way to NP5 Shiki, due in 5 minutes. 1.5 spaced, Arial, not Comic Sans.

What? Senpai, FGO databases didn’t exist yet in this singularity!

Well, look forward to our easy NP5 Shiki and overall event guide!

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