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Article by Hakurai

Welcome to Da Vinci’s Q&A, where this talented beauty is once again your host! Today I’ll be giving a short run down of the Fate / Accel Zero event - this is probably one of the most complex yet!

So when do we get Iskandar?

On your support list from the friend who got him with a meme ticket.

Event Type

The Fate/Accel Zero event will be a Mission based event, similar to the Garden of Sinners collaboration! For those unfamiliar, by clearing certain stages or completing objectives similar to Weekly Master Missions, players will be able to unlock rewards, stages, and more missions!

Enough with this exposition drop. What makes it worth playing for those of us who went through Rapunzel hell in Garden of Sinners? Did you make farming easier?

Prepare to be shocked! After taking in player data,your resident genius decided to make ascension materials for all servant classes available! Not only that, I’ve streamlined all the new event CE’s to contribute directly to shop currency drops!

Da Vinci, you’re the best!

I know! I figured since you love farming so much, we’ve made specific shop items that must be bought to complete missions and access certain areas! Additionally, I’ve made shop currencies based on each servant class: Class Seals! I figured since we haven’t had digital coinage since Valentine’s, now would be a good time to enter the market by taking advantage of pre-fire Fuyuki!

To make things easier, bonus servants will increase drops from the class they have advantage against by +3 (with the exception of Berserker, which increases its own seal drops)!

WHAT? Da Vinci, you’re the worst! Did you even do User Experience testing? I bet players will have such a headache at first!

Don’t worry about players - they’re resilient enough to survive the gacha! This time I’ve selected servants relevant to the singularity to help you blend in: Artoria, Gilles de Rais (Saber), Gilgamesh, Kid Gilgamesh, Diarmuid ub Duibhne, Alexander, Iskandar, Zhuge Liang (El Melloi II), Gilles de Rais (Caster), Hassan of the Cursed Arm, Assassin EMIYA, Hassan of the Hundred Personas, and Lancelot!

So you got any, uh, welfares, for the likes of me?

Sure do! The limited welfare is the caster Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)! Additionally, the avenger Angra Mainyu, will be available in the FP Gacha (Shhh)! Of course, they also contribute to the bonus seals as well, with Angra Mainyu providing a bonus +3 to ALL Classes.

Free avenger? Oh my god I might be able to put my Jeanne Alter salt to rest! Praise be to --

(He’s rarer than a 5 star.)


Moving on!

Map Unlock Items

Did you say Map Unlock Items?

No, but that Header title did. For this event, there are 4 different kinds of Map Unlock Items: Sorcery Ore Fragments, Sea Tentacles, Treasure Chalices, and Assassins’ Masks, all of which can be bought at the event shop at prices of 20, 50, and 100 of different class seals. In total, you will need 320 Seals of each class to buy every single Map Unlock item (save for Berserkers, of which you need 200). Thank goodness this event lasts for three weeks!

Da Vinci, no!

Da Vinci, yes!

What's in the Shop?

So what else are you hawking in the shop?

Aside from monuments/pieces for every class and standard EXP/Fou combo, we’re offering certain materials as well: Dragon’s Reverse Scale, Octuplet Crystals, Spirit Root, Forbidden Pages, Warhorse’s Young Horn, and Eternal Gears!

I guess I do have time to farm after all.

We’re also offering crest worms (ick), also known as CE EXP! And last but not least, get this limited edition event CE: “His Rightful Place”!

Am I supposed to be excited?

I thought everyone loved Fate/Zero? Do people only care about the gacha now?

Event Craft Essences

Let’s begin with my proud creation, the event CE “His Rightful Place! With 30% starting NP Gauge and 3 stars per turn, this is like a combination of burst with the sustained utility of 2030! It’s also the perfect mixed farming CE with a guaranteed boost to ALL seal drops by +2!

Wasn’t it called Final Destination in some other localizations? So what about--


Oh my god! You just hit Da Vinci for Weak Damage! Just like in the movies!

I’ve responded to the mention of new horizons, and oh, uh, sorry about that I guess. What were you doing?

Want to help explain these Gacha CE’s?

Sure! Just hand over the script and… ooh, what have we here?

Another shirtless Kotomine Kirei

Before Awakening.” It looks like it gives you the effects of all Kirei CE’s combined: Increases Defense, Arts, Buster, and Quick performance by 8%. Additionally, it’s event bonus is seal drops of the equipped servant’s class by +3! Although the mixed effects aren’t big enough to be appreciable, this can be one of the better farming Craft Essences due to having the biggest bonus.

Next up, we have… Kayneth? I thought he d-

Spoilers! “Volumen Hydrargyrum”, which grants not only 3 times invincibility, but also Damage +200 and Equipped servant’s class seals +3. Although Kayneth can be a di--smissive person, this CE is one of the best survival CE’s in the game. 3 hits of invincibility will stack with dodges, making it a staple on servants like Cu Alter who can abuse Protection from Arrows on cooldown.

Wow! This is going on my gacha hitlist! If I had any quartz!

Two more CE’s left. Do you guys need to do this every time? Can we just get to the servants already?

Why not? Let’s speed past the next two CE’s. This is “Innocent Maiden”, which gives 10% Quick Performance up, 4% NP per turn, and Equipped servant’s class seals +2. Honestly a pretty decent CE, especially when limit broken.

And last is “Self Geas Scroll”, which increases stun chance by 12% and Equipped servant’s class seals +2. It’s ok. ONWARDS TO OKEA--- NEW SERVANTS!

New Servants

First up we have Iskandar! Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey, that’s me! So what do I bring to the team? One of the strongest AoE Noble Phantasms! In addition to Charisma and Tactics to buff the team, my personal skill Lighting Conqueror boosts my Buster card performance and Star Generation for a hard hitting Ionioi Hetairoi!

Who else do we have? Hand me the script will you?

EMIYA (Assassin)”. I wonder if he’s related to our resident Nameless Archer? Despite poor NP gain, Emiya Assassin has strong star generation and critical damage. He also has an interesting skill that taunts an ally for one turn. As an arts-crit assassin he is a strong sidegrade to Assassin Shiki, and definitely worth rolling if you enjoy his character.

Ah, next we have “Hassan of the Hundred Personas”, an assassin of (culture) arts as well. Similar to Emiya Assassin, they have poor NP gain, but have diverse 3-turn buffs fitting of their personas. In addition to a large heal that removes all self-buffs, Hundred Persona Hassan can buff their NP, Stargen, and potentially the performance of all three command cards. I wonder if you can summon different Hassans by removing their masks?

That’s all the officially announced servants, right? Da Vinci’s script goes on! Let’s see here: we have “Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)” as the welfare? Oh my! She’s a healing Caster most often compared to Medea Lily, but with the notable differences of poorer NP gain, self-invincibility, and granting guts on her NP. Guts is notable as the one defensive buff that can’t be overcome outside of buff removal, useful for againsts opponents who have piercing buffs.

And last off, we have “Angra Mainyu”, the Original Avenger. Thematically his kit is pretty useless, with his third skill even killing him after stacking quick buffs. His NP is unique in that it deals unmitigable and unavoidable damage based on damage taken, but requires set up and not dying during the one turn delay. However, he has the distinction of being the only Avenger available in the Friend Point Gacha.

Da Vinci left a note! “Good Luck getting Angra Mainyu.” What’s that supposed to mean?

It means, you’ll probably spend all your FP from my event and more trying to get one copy of him.

Oh cool, you’re still alive. Don’t you mean Jeanne Alter’s event? You weren’t even summonable!

Well, I think that’s enough for this Q&A. Please enjoy our other various guides for this event as well!

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