Altotas Continuum C
Counterfeit Life (Subspecies) C
Bloodstained Prince EX
Undaunting Deliveryperson B+
Just in Time for Revisions D++
Vasuki's Medicine A
Robust Health (Poison) A
Irremovable Japanese Spirit A
Tepeyollotl A
Undying Bahloo EX
Vanquishing Villains A
Gwalior's Resistance A+
Sun-like Gareth B+
White Wreath EX
Indomitable Shot B
Shìròu EX
Eternal Young Warrior B+
Aurelianus's Siege (Resist) A
Halloween Encore! A
Summertime Combat B+
Endurance of the Three Hundred A+
Abordage Rush B+
The Wolf Never Sleeps B++
From the World's End A
Sculpture Maiden A
Nourishment for the Battlefield A+
Kagekiyo Never Dies EX
Perseverance of Old Age A
Indestructible Demon EX
Onyx Life A
Indefatigable B+
Void Space Art B+
Oni's Neck EX
Midnight of Summer Side A
Summer Incarnated Elemental A+
Ath nGabla A
Indefatigable A
Pride of an Achaemenid A+
Terrifying Undead A+
Death's Abyss EX
Moon Goddess's Pressure EX
Nurse of Steel (Holy Night) A
Battle Continuation C
Soul's Light EX
Gwalior's Resistance A
Ananga EX
Girl's Willpower B
White Feathered Knight B+
Abolishing Thieves B
Philosopher's Stone A+
Anti-Hero (Speech) EX
Inherent Wisdom EX
Spirit Jewel A
Lineage Excitation A
Undying Magus A
Unyielding Will C
Anti-Hero A
Wisdom of the Benevolent God A+
Affection of the Sky God B
Distant Thoughts A
Demonic Mutation B
Endless Summer B
Battle Continuation EX
Battle Continuation A+
Curse of Separation A
Knight's Oath
Philosopher's Stone A
Inherent Wisdom A
Inherent Wisdom 'EX'
Performance Continuation A
Unyielding Will A
Septem Colles A
Battle Continuation B
Battle Continuation A
Invictus Spiritus A