Buster Up

Ephemeral Dream 'EX'
Gamushin A
Crimson Blaze A
Sniper's Nest C
Brilliant Escort
Thunder God Manifestation A+
Jaguar Punch A+
Mana Burst (Reverse Scale) A
Cudgel Techniques A (Bhima)
Knight of Red Thunder A+
Angel's Cry 'EX'
Robigus Ironside C
Warrior's Pride A
Chinzei Hachirou A
Bitter Tears Shed for Love of Love C
Dragon Modification 'EX'
Black Barrel B
Dominator Fox A
Red Hood Slicer A
NFF Special A
Ending of Dreams EX
Wild Rule A
Torrent of Light A+
Breath of the Red Dragon EX
Mark of the Crimson Dragon A
Octo-Pulsing Billow B
Severed Arm at Ichijou Modori-bashi EX
Kidou A
Divine Power (JK) B+
Dragon's Core B
Nine Lives Rome A
Bunker Bolt A
All-out Charge
Stout Arm of Brutality B+
Tactician's Cherished Desire A
Violation of Chivalry A
Christmas Tactics EX
Meurs Où Tu Dois EX
Dragon Modification EX
Mystic Eyes of Distortion EX
Mana Burst (Cage) A+
Cast Iron Yo-yo C
Delightful Comrades A
Conquistador EX
Roar of the God of War A+
Divine Power B
Ephemeral Dream EX
Ephemeral Dream A
Protection of the Dragon King C
Transformation A
Mana Burst (Lightning) A
Mana Burst (Courage) D
Jaguar Punch A
Hero Creation EX
Cheerful Model Mystic Code A
Lightning Conqueror EX
Bath Transformation A
Demon of the Battlefield B
Bloody Devil B
Angel's Cry EX
Mana Burst
Glory of Past Days B
Flame-Colored Kiss A
Triumphant Return of the Sword B
Warrior's War Cry B
Prelati's Encouragement B
Mana Burst (Pumpkin) A
Mana Burst (Flame) B
Mana Burst (Flame) A
Mana Burst A-
Mana Burst A+
Enchant A
Mana Burst A